Kegenix Interiew: Marquan Jones, 2018 CrossFit Games Athlete

Kegenix Interiew: Marquan Jones, 2018 CrossFit Games Athlete

Marquan Jones is Head Coach of CrossFit Roseland in New Jersey, and a first-time CrossFit Games athlete. 

It's clear after chatting with Marquan that he is an athlete at heart. He comes from a competitive family, and has the discipline and edge that will make him someone to pay attention to in August when he debuts at the CrossFit Games in Madison.

We caught up with Marquan to talk about nutrition, fitness, and how he handled a malfunctioning assault runner in Event 1 at Regionals. 


Kegenix: How long have you been competing in CrossFit?

Marquan: I’ve been doing CrossFit for 5 years.

Kegenix: Favorite event at Regionals?

Marquan: Favorite event at Regionals was event 5, I was really happy with how close I was to executing my plan.  

Kegenix: How did you handle the assault runner malfunctions in Event 1?

Marquan: During our brief we were told not to touch the monitors, I was one of the first ones on and it read "press start". I did not touch it and most didn't either. The monitor was used to keep track of pace and calculate distance. They also had a plan B if no one started the monitors, they would count the revolutions with a white piece of tape on the belt. Me not knowing my pace, I just had to go and push my pace a little more than I wanted which helped me out.

Kegenix: What are you doing now to prepare for the Games in August in terms of nutrition and fitness?

Marquan: Timing is very important when training at a higher volume. I’ve really focused on fueling the body when I need to and eating as clean as possible.

Kegenix: What supplements do you take?

Marquan: I take creatine, Lurong Protein, Lurong Essential, Kegenix Prime and from time to time Kegenix Ignite.

Kegenix: How many hours do you spend a day on recovery/mobility?

Marquan: 1-2 hrs a day.

Kegenix: Where does your motivational edge come from?

Marquan: I was raised in a big family and we competed in almost everything that we did.

Kegenix: Favorite CrossFit workout?

Marquan: I would have to say Open Workout 17.3. Heavy snatches and chest to bar pull ups.

Kegenix: You played football for Clemson, right? Did you play any other sports growing up?

Marquan: I did play football for Clemson. Growing up I ran track, played basketball and football.

Kegenix: What’s your favorite NFL team?

Marquan: I have a lot of friends that play in the NFL so I kinda just cheer for them.


Kegenix: Favorite Superbowl snack?

Marquan: Ground sausage queso dip.

Kegenix: Tell us about what led to you co-owning CrossFit Roseland?

Marquan: Well, I lived in South Carolina and I was looking for a new job. I got a call from Joe Passalaqua saying he wanted me to be the head coach at CrossFit Roseland. My girlfriend is from New Jersey and I needed a change. So I accepted the offer. Thanks JOE!!

Kegenix: Where can our readers follow you as you prepare for the Crossfit Games?

Marquan: They can follow me on Instagram: @quany_quan


Kegenix: And where is CrossFit Roseland in case they want to drop in for a workout?

Marquan:  CrossFit Roseland is located in Roseland, NJ. Would love for any and everyone to stop by or join the gym if you are in the area.


Thank you Marquan for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. We look forward to cheering you on at the Games!


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