The Ultimate Mommy Makeover: How Leslie lost stubborn weight using exogenous ketones!

The Ultimate Mommy Makeover: How Leslie lost stubborn weight using exogenous ketones!
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Our Interview with Leslie Cox, a champion of the everyday woman.

Heroes are often portrayed as those who wear capes, drive high-tech cars, have super strength, and a work from the depths of their secret lairs far beneath the Earth’s surface. What if I told you that none of those qualities are actually what makes a person super, but it’s the obstacles that they overcome that do?

At Kegenix, we’re all about celebrating the everyday hero- those who face common obstacles that many can fall prey to, but still come out fighting! Leslie Cox, a mom and wife from the Tampa area, tells all about her experience with Kegenix- an experience that changed the lives of her and her family FOR GOOD and truly made her a champion of the everyday woman!


We met with Leslie by our headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida and had the following discussion:

  • Kegenix’s effect on Leslie personally

  • Tell us the beginning of your journey!

    “Okay, so my whole life I really never had to worry about what I ate or worried about my weight. I was always small. And even when I had my children, I went right back to my size. When I was 30, I was 98 pounds, a double zero. And then once I turned 40, I was ... I could tell that the weight was coming on.

    So when I first started noticing that I'm gaining weight, I went to a doctor and I was thinking that it was my hormones or my metabolism and I researched some bioidentical hormones to try and help me lose weight, but it was really expensive so I decided not to do it. And then as time went on, I ... Life went on, kids ... Distracted. I started just living my life and gaining more weight.

    My husband.. It affected our relationship, because I was embarrassed, and I wasn't the person that he married. So even though I was trying to lose weight, or not gain weight, it was impossible for me. And I didn't know why, because I don't eat a lot of sweets, I don't eat a lot of desserts, so I was thinking that maybe it was my age. And I felt kind of like, I'm 40 and this is how it's going to be.

    How did you hear about Kegenix?

    “My friend told me about Kegenix and at first I was very skeptical about it. And so I finally did try it. The best thing about Kegenix at the very beginning was my energy level. I immediately saw my energy level go way up. And I was ... I just felt so good. So that was the main reason that I liked it at first. Still, in the back of my head thinking about losing weight, but I was really turned on by the fact that I had lots of energy at work.”

    Did Kegenix impact your weight?

    “I went from a size 6/8 to a size 3 in about two months. And now I'm at a size 1 and it's been eight months!”

    Did you notice any changes?

    “I felt like my appetite was suppressed. I don't feel like I was missing anything. In my head I thought that I was missing pizza, I kept thinking, “I need pizza”. But then I didn't really want it. It was weird. But that's a true story! Every day I'm like I want pizza. But then I didn't want pizza. So it was weird. I thought that that was a good thing too.”

    • Kegenix’s effect on Leslie’s family

      Has this changed your relationship?

      “I'm happier. Our relationship has improved because I'm happier. He was always happy because he loved me no matter what. But I'm happier, I'm more confident, I'm more vulnerable to being out there with him and express myself, I'm dressing sexier again, where before I was wearing big shirts and mumus and not really trying. Because I just didn't feel good about myself.”

      And what about your kids?

      “My children love it because I'm happier, with the energy I'm awake longer at night. I used to come home from work and literally go to bed. Now I come home from work, I'm talking to them, we're dancing around. We're having a good time. We go do things. They love it because I have the energy now.”

      • Kegenix’s effect on Leslie as a whole

        Overall, how do you feel?

        “I definitely feel like it's a lifestyle. I don't want to stop and go back. I don't want to have to take hormone pills or hormone injections, or whatever they do. My brain ... I feel so much better about myself.

        I feel amazing. I love it. I'm so grateful for it because, it has not only changed my body, but it has changed the way I think too."


        We’re so thankful to know Leslie and that she agreed to sit down with us to talk about her experience with Kegenix. We wish her the very best in her journey and we are very lucky to have her as part of the Kegenix Krew!


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