KetoMeal - the power of Real Ketones™ & so much more!

KetoMeal - the power of Real Ketones™ & so much more!

One of our favorite and most versatile Kegenix products is our Keto Meal! Although this multi-use product can be taken as a pre-workout or meal replacement, one of its biggest advantages is using it in your everyday low-carb cooking plan.  Just check out all the new recipes we have developed in our Kegenix Kitchen on the versatile use of KetoMeal.

But while we are at it, let’s focus on all the health benefits Keto Meal delivers to help your body reach its peak state to stay strong and healthy long term in your ketone rich lifestyle.

Let’s start first with the most important ingredients in KetoMeal, ketones and more ketones.

The Real Ketones™ formulation doesn’t just provide you “instant ketones,” it’s specialized formula provide you instant ketones your body can instantly use, but then it goes on to help your body produce its own ketones to help extend all the benefits you get from using ketones in your lifestyle.  Further, Real Ketones™ are delivered in a perfectly balanced electrolyte ratio so your body is getting the pure electrolytes that can easily be depleted when going low carb.

In addition to the powerful ketones in KetoMeal, Keto Meal supplies the fat, protein, vitamins and minerals that make up all the nutrients in the correct ratios required to be a true keto meal.

KetoMeal’s protein is a very high quality whey protein isolate balanced out to provide the building blocks necessary to support muscle and tissue growth, but too much to cause a glyconeogenisis response.  

As you can see on our Kegenix website, KetoMeal incorporates key essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy low carb lifestyle. In just one serving of Keto Meal (2 scoops), this is what you are really getting:

  • 30% of your body’s daily requirement of Selenium

Selenium is essential for your body to product healthy proteins that help prevent cell damage. It is also important for reproduction, thyroid gland function, DNA production and helps protect the body from free radicals and infection. Low levels of Selenium have been linked to Cancer, Cardiovascular disease and Thyroid disease.

  • 25% of your body’s daily requirement of Biotin (Vitamin H)

Biotin is another critical nutrient that assists your body in producing fuel and supporting cell growth. Biotin is also vital to support and strengthen hair and nail growth, helps your body to maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day, and plays a major role in cell and DNA development throughout your body.

  • 25% of your body’s daily requirement of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for your body’s normal growth and development. It helps to grow and repair the tissue throughout your body, and forms important protein inside your body to make skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Vitamin C also repairs and maintains cartilage, bones and your teeth! Along with all of these benefits that Vitamin C provides for your body, it is also an essential antioxidant. Your body is not capable of producing Vitamin C on its own, so it is incredibly important that you are giving your body the proper intake it needs every single day.

  • 25% of your body’s daily requirement of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another antioxidant, which helps to protect your body from damage from free radicals. Vitamin E also helps to support a strong immune system and fight off bacteria and viruses! Lastly, vitamin E helps with the formation of red blood cells and prevent blood clotting.

  • 25% of your body’s daily requirement of Vitamin A

Why is this important? Vitamin A is extremely significant when it comes to your body preserving your eye health and eye sight. Vitamin A also helps support a healthy immune system, assisting your body in maintaining its natural defenses against bacteria and helping in the production and function of your white blood cells.

  • 25% of your body’s daily requirement of Vitamin B6 and B12

Vitamin B6 is essential to your body’s metabolism, heart health, white blood cell growth, liver, the digestive tract, muscular function and energy. Vitamin B12 is important to the body because it helps keep your nerve and blood cells healthy. Getting the proper amount of vitamin B12 helps to eliminate risks of heart disease and dementia and keeps your body strong.

  • 25% of your body’s daily requirement of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another essential vitamin that your body needs to help absorb calcium and promote bone growth. Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease and depression.

  • 25% of your body’s daily requirement of Vitamin K

Vitamin K is another vital vitamin that helps your body prevent blood clotting. It helps to support your immune system, liver, brain function, and metabolism. There are studies that suggest that reaching consistent requirements of Vitamin K can help prevent Osteoporosis and Coronary heart disease.

It’s clear that our Keto Meal provides many essential vitamins and minerals to help your body to be as strong and healthy as possible! Incorporate our Keto Meal into your daily routine to ensure that you are giving your body the necessary nutrients it needs every day to be its best! 


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