Fat-Fueled Green Keto Smoothie

Fat-Fueled Green Keto Smoothie
Authored By Samantha Stephenson

Everyone needs a good green smoothie to fall back on, because we're all human, and we all have our temptations (I'm looking at you Krispy Kreme's).

This recipe is full of healthy fat and micro-nutrients, leaving you feeling full, satisfied, and energized. It's just what you need to get back on track, and feeling fantastic!



Serves 1

2 scoops Vanilla Keto Meal (1 serving)

1 teaspoon Spirulina (1 serving)

1/2 avocado

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 heaping cup of ice



1. Halve the avocado, and scoop out half the flesh into the blender. Add the Keto MealSpirulina, almond milk, vanilla extract, and ice. 

2. Blend until smooth. Enjoy!


Serving Size: 1 full glass

Calories: 318

Net Carbs: 17 grams

Fat: 24 grams 

Protein: 19 grams


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