A New Year, A New You: The Keto Diet and the New Year

A New Year, A New You: The Keto Diet and the New Year
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A New Year, A New You: The Keto Diet and the New Year

With the New Year approaching many of us are searching deep down to figure out a resolution. New Year's resolutions have long been made by hopefuls who are looking to make a change within their lives. For many, it is a promise to oneself that they will ultimately make the changes necessary in order to bring out a better version of themselves. These resolutions typically range from limiting caffeine to exercising more and cutting out bad habits in general.

The idea of a resolution is quite a beautiful one. It gives us the chance to start over clean, making better decisions, and living in a happier light. Therefore, we strongly recommend making at least one realistic goal for your life for the new year. No matter how cliché it may be, for some, an effective New Years resolution is the key to success and a better life.

Diets, Diets, Diets

When it comes right down to it, diets and exercise make up the bulk of the New Year’s resolution wishes in the U.S. This, of course, is due to both tradition and the state of the health of the population. For instance, as long as diets have been in existence, people have clung to them for dear life, trying each one until they found one that worked. And for our subject matter today, these diets have been a part of many New Year’s resolutions since they began to spring up like wildflowers.

For some people, these resolutions have proven quite beneficial and life-changing. As we mentioned prior, there is an almost consistent flow of new diets hitting the scene. It can sometimes be difficult when you are overloaded with an array of diets as they do not all work. Furthermore, it is important that you find a diet that works for you. One of the more popular diets on the scene at the moment that has proven to be quite effective is the keto diet.

Why You Should Make the Keto Diet your New Year’s Resolution

With over 160 million obese or overweight Americans out there, the keto diet is a great diet and way of life to adopt this new year. While it does involve a good deal of work, like when paired with exercise, it has revolutionized the way people diet, completely flipping the script on how to eat on a diet. The majority of those who practice the keto diet find it to be both easy and promising without having to starve yourself.

Starting the ketogenic diet might seem rough at first, however, it is not necessary that you dive in head first. The ketogenic diet is something you can ease into, ridding your diet slowly of things like bread, sugars, fruits, and anything with a good deal of carbohydrates. In fact, when it comes to the keto diet, carbohydrates are what you absolutely must cut from your food regimen in order to have the utmost success with your diet and with the new year.

Ultimately, the keto diet is not only good for your physical health and BMI, but it is also additionally good for a variety of other issues like diabetes and poor eyesight. Therefore, weight loss is by far not the only benefit people receive when they take on the keto diet. So, what is the keto diet? How does one practice the keto diet? Let’s dive in and answer all the questions regarding why the keto diet is the diet to jump on come New Years.

Adopting the Keto Diet and Changing Your Life

While keto is a word often only associated with a diet, it is in fact much more. Going keto involves adopting a new diet, a new lifestyle, and a new mindset. While this might sound like a lot, and for some it can be, it is well worth the effort in the end. Not just for your weight, but for your overall health. Like with any other lifestyle change, there are of course some steps you must take in order to be as effective as possible at achieving your goals. There are a few things for example that should be done in order to get started on going keto.

  • The food pyramid
  • One of the first things that will serve helpful beyond belief is throwing out the entire food pyramid. You heard that correct. The food pyramid is not going to assist you on your keto journey. In fact, the way you eat and what you eat is completely different on the keto diet then what the food pyramid dictates. A large part of the reason why the food pyramid is invalid for this type of diet is because it encourages a large intake of carbs and grains with a low-fat intake.

    The thing is, the science behind the keto diet shows a much different path when it comes to proper food choices. For instance, the keto diet is very much a low-carb diet. It is also a diet that limits grains and sugars while promoting the intake of healthy fats. For it is when you replace the glucose your body burns for energy with fat, that your body begins to burn off that fat. In this way, it becomes easier to burn fat and lose weight.

  • Discover your individual keto macros
  • Ketogenic diet macronutrient ratios differ from individual to individual. In fact, if you are looking into a keto diet, you should know macronutrient ratios are different for everyone. Typically, a ketogenic diet promotes macronutrients in the following ratio:

    • 70-75% calories from fat
    • 20-25% protein
    • 5-10% carbs

    Your personal macronutrient intake must be tailored to you. There are several factors that will help to determine your personal macronutrient intake. Some of these factors include your body fat, lean body mass, and additionally, your lifestyle. Additionally, when you practice the keto diet, you must keep in mind that protein intake is equally important to your fat intake. As you can see, this is why the traditional food pyramid is useless in this instance.

  • Discover yourself a keto food pyramid
  • The ketogenic food pyramid is essential to understanding what you should be eating and how much. For instance, the pyramid dictates that you eat 5% carbohydrates, 25% protein, and 70% fat. Once you replace glucose with fat, you will begin losing weight as your body burns glucose first.

    Your keto pyramid will introduce you to a new set-up that will direct you to the path of success. The pyramid begins with a tiny bit of natural sweeteners which should typically be avoided, followed by fermented foods. Next, you have nuts and seeds followed by clean protein. At the bottom, you will see your anti-oxidants and good fats.

    Dedicating Yourself to Weight Loss this New Year with the Keto Diet

    The keto diet will change your life—plain and simple. Not only can it assist you in losing weight, but it can also help combat diabetes, improve poor eyesight, and boost your energy levels throughout the day. New Years’ comes and goes each year with the promise of a fresh start. By taking advantage of this ‘fresh start’ and dedicating your life to the keto diet, you will see a vast improvement in your life.


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