The Best Apps For Keto-Dieters!

The Best Apps For Keto-Dieters!
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Save time and stay on track with your fitness and keto diet goals with some of these awesome apps that help you track your daily food intake, macros, workouts, weight loss, calories burned and more! 


Diet Apps

The Total Keto Diet App
This app is best for beginners who are looking for a lot of guidance with the beginning transition into the Keto Diet. This app includes hundreds of keto recipes, keto-friendly shopping lists, a keto-diet macro calculator, keto diet guides, and informative keto articles to help beginners get their footing and fully understand the keto diet with ease.

Cost: Free. User rating: 4.7 Stars. Check it out, here

Track what you eat in seconds with MyFitnessPal's easy-to-use interface and hundreds of food options programmed into the app's database. If your goal is to keep track of the foods you eat each day as well as your weight training and cardio sessions for free, try this app! MyFitnessPal has many programmable options to help users reach their goals with ease. Keep track of your calorie intake and macros by specifying your diet goals under the goals section of the app, and scan the foods you eat to save even more time.

Cost: Free, Premium version $9.99/month. User rating: 4.7 Stars. Check it out, here

The Keto Diet App

This App focuses mainly on tracking the foods you eat each day and has the option to track macros just like the MyFitnessPal app with the goal to help users lose weight. This app is also great for users who are looking for keto-friendly recipes that are updated regularly on the app to give you some inspiration for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and keto-friendly snacks, too! It also offers free and premium diet plans and informative blog articles.

Cost: The app ranges from $6.99-$8.99/month for Android and Apple users. The company also offers the basic version of the app for $3.99/month. User Rating: 4.4 Stars. Check it out, here

The Carb Manager Low Carb Diet Tracker
Another great app to help users track their calorie intake and macros, with over 1 million common foods in their database. All of the foods programmed into the app are 100% verified to provide an incredibly accurate resource to users. They also have the barcode scanning feature and link their database to menu items on many chain restaurants around the U.S.

Cost: Free. User Rating: 4.8 Stars. Check it out, here

This app also helps users track their food intake and macros, and has a platform for users to search through common restaurants menus to track foods they eat for extremely accurate nutrition information. The app also provides a step-by-step guide for transitioning into the Keto diet right after users make an account, as well as keto-friendly food guides, a food journal, and recommended food ideas each day. This app also integrates with Apple Health which can help you chart your long-term progress and glucose and insulin levels.

Cost: Free. User Rating: 4.1 Stars. Check it out, here

Fitness Apps


This app offers three different subscription options with basic workouts and calorie/diet tracking options. The highest price subscription offers a personal trainer and personalized workout plans tailored to your goals of either losing weight, toning, or gaining muscle.

Cost: Free, subscription service $25/every 3 months, or $60/annualy. Rating: 4.7. Check it out, here


This app has more than 2,500 workouts on the platform, beginning at 7 minutes in length. The app is personalized for users at all levels of fitness, providing workouts for people who consider themselves a beginner, all the way up to expert. Workouts are led by a trainer and include endless workout types including cycling, yoga, weight training and more!

Cost: $15/month, $100/year. Rating: 4.8 Stars. Check it out, here

Nike Training Club

This app has over 160 workout options ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. Workout range from circuit training, yoga, weight training, and running. Workouts can be customizable between men, women, and children, and include expert guidance to ensure proper form and warm up and cool down. The app can even customize workouts for athletes training for specific sports, including running, soccer, baseball, and more!

Cost: Free Rating: 4.8 Stars. Check it out, here.

This app is for the competitive at heart. After creating an account, the app gives you a fitness assessment that will, in turn, connect you with a coach that will cater workouts that best fit your goals. The app also connects to other friends and family using the app to motivate you to get workouts in and compete!
Cost: Free for basic version or for premium $1/day. Rating: 4.2. Check it out, here.


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