The Best Beverages to Enjoy Without Knocking You Out of Ketosis

The Best Beverages to Enjoy Without Knocking You Out of Ketosis
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The Best Beverages to Enjoy Without Exiting Ketosis

Ketosis is somewhat of a fragile state. By this I mean, if you do not follow the semi-strict guidelines of the ketogenic diet 100%, you face the risk of being knocked out of ketosis. Due to the fact that it takes quite some time and planning to reach ketosis—no one wants to screw it up for sugary beverages and carb-packed foods. So, what are we allowed to drink on the keto diet? Is alcohol included? What about fruit and vegetable juices? These are all questions we will answer and more throughout the remainder of this article. In the end, you should have a pretty keen understanding surrounding what beverages you can indulge in without slipping out of ketosis.

The keto diet is certainly ramping up in popularity more and more as each day passes. This can be seen at your local doctor’s office, in lifestyle magazines, and even within the gym. The reason many are dedicating themselves to this new lifestyle is simple – it works. Currently, millions of people are seeing results with the keto diet and not because it is easy. This low-carb high-fat diet calls not only for a new diet but ultimately, a new lifestyle. It is only when we understand that ins and outs of the keto diet that we can practice it in confidence for the utmost success. A large part of this process is understanding what you can and cannot have while in ketosis. Today we discuss beverages in particular.

The Best Advice for Reaching and Maintaining Ketosis

Ultimately when one chooses to take the keto route in relation to diet and weight loss, they are making a drastic change both in their eating habits and within their lifestyles as well. By studying and gaining an understanding of what the ketogenic diet is, you shouldn’t have too much trouble maintaining your new lifestyle. So, what is ketosis and how does one get to that point? To put it simply, ketosis is a metabolic state the body enters when it stops burning glucose for energy and instead, begins burning fat for much the same purpose.

Also during this state, your body is naturally producing ketones which aid in the fat burning process while providing you with a boost of energy for getting through the day. One of the major questions people have when starting the keto diet is how they can reach ketosis. Believe it or not, entering ketosis is not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, to get your body into ketosis as quickly as possible, all you must do is cut back on your carb intake and increase your consumption of healthy fats. When you follow the proper guidelines for entering ketosis, it is something you can attain in just a few short days.

To remain in ketosis you should follow these simple guidelines. First and foremost, make sure to keep your daily carb intake at 10% or below. While in ketosis you should also be eating 20-35% protein and 70-80% healthy fats. This outline should make staying in ketosis a breeze. That is of course, as long as you pay attention to both what you EAT AND DRINK.

What Can I Drink While in Ketosis?

Maintaining ketosis is imperative once it is achieved. After all, it is not easy for everyone to reach this metabolic state, and once one does—it must be protected and looked after. One major way you can do this is by tracking what you are consuming. One of the more proactive things you can do is shift your focus from only food to both the food and beverages you are consuming. Let’s take a look at some approved, keto-friendly drinks to choose from as well as some new ideas.

  • Water

This should go without saying, but when you are in doubt about what you should drink, water is always an excellent option morning, noon, and night. If you are not fond of plain water, try some sugar-free additives or even some natural ones from lemon to berries. Not only is water a viable option – it is the best option no matter what diet you are following.

  • Sparkling water and club soda

As you are certainly aware by now, those bubbly little cans of water that are seen practically anywhere are keto friendly. That is, as long as you are purchasing the sparkling water that does not contain added sugar and imitation flavors. One of the best examples of this is the incredibly popular La Croix. The best part is, they feature hints of natural fruit flavors for optimal enjoyment.

  • Tea and coffee

Let’s face it, as humans, we can all use an energy boost here and there. This is especially true for the great majority of us in the morning. If this describes you, rest assured you can still enjoy your morning cup of joe while in ketosis. However, you, of course, want to avoid sugar like the plague, including those sugary beverages from Starbucks. There are plenty of natural sweeteners that can be used in place of sugar anyway.

  • Diet soda

While this option does not come highly recommended as it is soda after all, it is better than normal soda. Therefore, if you find yourself with an undying soda craving—reach for a diet soda instead.

  • Zevia

Some of us just cannot kick soda no matter how hard we try. This is incredibly problematic as sugary sodas and other beverages like it will absolutely oust you from ketosis. Luckily, companies like Zevia produce the world’s most keto-friendly soda with zero sugar and calories, sweetened only with the Stevia leaf. There are over 17 different flavors to choose from.

  • Keto PRIME

Available in both orange blast and lemon twist, Keto PRIME offers dieters a delicious formula that can be mixed with either coconut, almond milk, or water. This is Kegenix’ proprietary patented blend of both BHB and MCT, aka, super fuel. Not only does this beverage encourage ketosis, it provides you with a boost whenever you need it. You can even use Kegenix’ Keto PRIME as a coffee or tea replacement. Ultimately, these are the tools you need to remain in ketosis.

  • Bang Energy Drinks 

With Bang have 0 Sugars, 0 Calories, 0 Artificial Colors it is no surprise that it is loved by the Keto Community! With all the delicious flavors like Cotton Candy, Peach Mango, and Rainbow Unicorn you can satisfy your sweet tooth without knocking you out of Ketosis! This drink is a great pre/post workout drink since it contains BCAA's, COQ10, and caffeine!

  • Alcohol

Much to the surprise of many, there are some alcoholic beverages that are allowed on the keto diet. While you obviously cannot indulge in the typical cocktails or sweet wine you used to enjoy, there are options out there if you enjoy a drink from time to time. If you enjoy wine then aim for some of the drier selections. Many beers should be avoided however, clear liquors are also keto-friendly. Just avoid the sugary mix-ins and you are set.


Following the Keto Diet to the ‘T’, Beverages Included

As we mentioned prior, while dieting, many of us are prone to making what we eat and do not eat our priority. However, in order to remain in the metabolic state known as ketosis, you must also ensure that your beverage intake is friendly to your keto lifestyle. With this guide in tow, you should never find yourself in a hump with nothing to drink. In fact, as you can see there are many keto-friendly options out there, so get shopping!


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