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Dr Lisa Koche
As my own quest for optimal health has continued, I have created a village of healers in all of the modalities that have truly helped to heal me.
— Dr. Lisa Koche

Kegenix Text Benefits

With my career as a personal trainer, I need endless energy and don’t have a lot of times during the day for a break. Since starting Prime, I am not hungry at all and my day flies by and I never have that afternoon slump anymore

— Emma, Morristown NJ

In a clinical consumer study, 7 out of 10 participants had more energy throughout the day.

— designer

Suppressed appetite, controlled sugar cravings, gave more energy during workouts, seemed to flatten my stomach

— Tina, Wharton NJ

Kegenix PRIME with KETO XTEND BHB™ not only delivers ketones, but actually helps your body organically produce them giving you more ketopower. It’s weight loss science for every body.

*Based on a 2017 clinical consumer perception trial conducted with 106 male and female participants, 25–65 years old, who took 12.25g of Kegenix PRIME 2 times per day. The testimonials and self-reported results and claims featured here are based on individual participant results from that trial.

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