The Keto Power Bundle

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Ready to kickstart your keto/low-carb journey? Gear up to have a week full of endless energy and high ketone levels.
The Keto Power Bundle is complete with a 14 day Kegenix Prime Lemon & Orange, 15 day Keto Meal Vanilla & Keto Meal Chocolate, a 30 day supply of Keto Essentials & we throw in a free Kegenix Shaker Bottle. This set if fully equipped to put you into ketosis & produce your own ketones naturally so you can maximize ketones ability to assist in weight loss, increased energy, and mental clarity throughout your day.


Produce Your
Own Ketones

Appetite Control

Easy to Mix

Supports Higher

1) Optimize natural ketone production by combining Kegenix Prime and Keto Meal

2) Ensure consistent ketone levels throughout the day



Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body uses ketones to burn fat for energy instead of glucose. Ketones and the ketogenic diet have been shown to increase energy levels, focus, and fat burning abilities. Typically, the ketogenic diet and ketosis can be hard to enter and maintain just through dieting alone. Kegenix’s BHB+MCT patented formulation will aid your body’s natural ketogenic process by turning on your body’s own fat burning ability within an hour. Our powerful formula combination delivers a blend of bio-identical ketones that allows you to naturally produce, elevate, and sustain your own ketone levels better than any other keto supplement on the market.


Kegenix PRIME’s great-tasting, patented formulation of BHB + MCT exogenous ketones has been extensively studied and proven to produce ketones in your body naturally. PRIME supplies you with balanced electrolytes, enhanced mental clarity, clean energy, hunger control, and more!


A perfect compliment to PRIME, Keto Meal is our meal replacement powder loaded with our blend of extensively studied patented BHB + MCT exogenous ketones, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Our Keto Meal replacement not only provides you with the nutrients you need, but also is proven to produce ketones in your body naturally. Great for creating your own keto snacks and meals!



  • Rich in D3, K2, and Other Vitamins
  • Full Suite of Ketosis Essentials Minerals
  • Immune & Cardiovascular System Support
  • Cortisol Level Regulation
  • Molecular Cell (Mitochondria) Support

Keto Essentials is our a daily multivitamin that makes sure that once you have achieved a ketogenic state, your body has everything it needs to sustain ketosis, and keep everything in tip-top condition. We’ve got you covered from your immune and cardiovascular system, to your electrolyte, hormone, and even your testosterone balance.



Combining the two of these products will turn your body into a ketogenic engine! This will give you the ability to maintain ketone levels throughout the day and allow your body to produce its own ketones with continuous ketone supplementation (CKS). By utilizing both products at key times throughout your day, you give your body all it needs to be continuously ketone-fueled for maximum results!

What is Kegenix?


PRIME and Keto Meal are a powerful duo. Try this out:

Kickstart your day (and ketosis) by taking PRIME in the morning, replace your lunch with a Keto Meal shake, take PRIME again mid-afternoon for a pick-me-up, and round out the day with your favorite keto/low-carb friendly meal!

We use Rebaudioside-A to sweeten PRIME and Keto Meal! Rebaudioside-A refers to the non-bitter portion of the stevia leaf. We've found that this is the best option for us and our Krew!

Making dairy-free versions of PRIME and Keto Meal are in development! However, we currently utilize milk proteins to be the carrier of the MCT oil in our products- this allows PRIME and Keto Meal to be the smooth, blendable formula that is it (as opposed to an oily mess)!

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