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That's Real Ketones.

Feel Your Best with More Energy

Lacking motivation and energy is a common barrier to success in our healthiest-intentioned pursuits. Without energy, our bodies and minds lack the push they need to begin and maintain the necessary actions to reach our goals. One of the many benefits of Real Ketones is the extra energy they deliver, making us feel better while helping to empower our bodies as we strive to become our healthiest, strongest, best selves. Our patented D-BHB formula is metabolized quickly into fuel that is used by the body and the brain for performance living.

As the body runs on this clean, all-natural fuel, you feel more energy, sharper focus, and your body is able to burn more fat. Whether you’re someone who enjoys the added boost of caffeine or you prefer supplements without that added stimulation, we have a product line that you can cater to your individualized needs that will always deliver real results.

Make a Real Shift.

Real Ketones Energy Shots deliver
225% more energy
than sugar from the cleanest, most powerful energy shots available.

In a double-blind placebo-controlled study, the D-BHB demonstrated a
9.9% improvement
in reaction time.

Clean Fuel Creates Powerful Energy

D-BHB is a powerful ketone that is bio-identical to what our bodies naturally produce in the liver when we’re in ketosis. Real Ketones products have the unmatched effect of fueling the body quickly. In addition, Real Ketones provides the body with consistent, sustained energy that maintains a smooth balance. Whether you prefer the added bonus of caffeine or not, our products deliver a true, natural boost without the annoying crash of the competition. Get energized quickly, and stay there throughout the day. Everything is made naturally, with nothing added that you don’t need. When you fuel your body with clean ingredients, the energy you’re getting is pure and efficient.

The Best Energy For You

Keto Energy Shots


  • 225% More energy than sugar
  • Pure D-BHB potassium ketones
  • 3 Refreshing flavors
  • Potent nootropic blend increases focus and clarity
  • No sugar and no artificial additives
  • Just 2 shots, twice daily

D-BHB Ketone Powder Stick Packs


  • Highest quality D-BHB ingredients
  • Reduce appetite - Ideal for intermitten fasting
  • Promotes Ketosis in one hour
  • 4 Essential electrolytes hydrate and promote peak performance
  • Clinically proven ketone technology

D-BHB Capsules Charged - 30 servings


  • Increases Ketone levels with 2 caps
  • 2,000 MG of D-BHB Ketones
  • Available with or without caffeine
  • Natural D-BHB Ketone formula
  • No artificial additives

“I have to start off with saying this is the best flavor I have ever tasted from a keto product! It tastes identical to a orange creamsicle. I have been doing keto for a while now and it is rare that you find a genuine product with clean ingredients and amazing flavor. I am usually sluggish and mentally fatigued after work but I felt a nice surge of energy after taking it and helped me to get through all of my post work activities.”

Sacha M.

“I'm not a pro athlete or a fad dieter - I'm a mom of four and a full-time nurse. I simply wanted something to help me feel better. The even energy and "mood boost" (I don't know what else to call it!) from Real Ketones has been incredible. Add to that the hydration benefits, and I know this is going to be a daily staple for life. Finally, I have something real that does what it says it will.”

Shaina H.

“This is the first supplement I've bought in years. I was tired of extreme language, undelivered promises and lack of results. I just wanted to feel like my old self. Lack of energy and anxiety were my two biggest issues. I'm thrilled to say that Real Ketones has helped me with both of them, and a whole lot more. I have the drive to do the things I want, and I'm motivated to get back to the old me. I'm so grateful to find something natural that just works.”

Betty M.

Feel the Benefits of Ketone Energy

Real Ketones help you:
  • Maximize your everyday energy
  • Boost mental clarity
  • Control anxiety and stress
  • Replace body's reliance on glucose for fuel
  • Manage blood sugar
  • Prevent inflammation
  • Effectively manage weight regardless of body type
  • Reach a state of ketosis within one hour

Shift to the Real You.

Rob Rogers


Gary Millet


The founders of Real Ketones, Rob Rogers and Gary Millet paved the way for commercialization of clean ketone supplementation in 2013. Following the acquisition of the exclusive licensing rights of two key exogenous ketone patents, including one from Dr. Dominic D’Agostino through the University of South Florida, the exogenous ketone industry was born.

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