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Fuel your mind and body to live a long and healthy life.

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Brain Health

Lower stress and improve mental clarity.

Heart Health

Lower cholesterol and support healthy blood pressure.

Metabolic Health

Improve insulin levels and burn fat for fuel.

Clinically Proven to Help You Live Better

D-BHB is a breakthrough, bio-identical ketone that triggers your body to start burning fat for fuel in 60 minutes or less.

In a double-blind placebo-controlled study, Real Ketones patented D-BHB formula was administered to a test group that cut only 300 calories per day, and the results were unprecedented!

Over 2.5X More Pounds of Fat Lost

Placebo: 1.8 lbs
Real Ketones D-BHB: 4.5 lbs

Stress Reduction

Reduction in normal stress response from D-BHB group

35% Change of Normal Insulin Levels

Placebo: 2.6 iul/L
RK D-BHB: -1.2 iul/L

6.9% Reduction in Normal LDL Cholesterol Level

Placebo: -1.8 MG/DL
RK D-BHB: -8.6 MG/DL

Real Easy Keto

Real Ketones powerhouse D-BHB ketones makes keto easy to do and easy to maintain.

No counting calories, macros or starvation diets needed – just two doses a day and you’re on your way to extra energy, appetite suppression and mental clarity!


Take your morning dose of D-BHB with any of our convenient stick packs.



Eat a sensible, low-carb keto lunch


Keep your ketosis going all day with a second dose of D-BHB.



Eat a sensible, low-carb keto dinner

Real People, Real Results

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