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Clinical Studies

Our mission at Real Ketones - and the passion of its founders, Gary Millet and Rob Rogers - is not just helping you get into ketosis; it is helping you sustain a ketogenic state in the easiest way possible to improve your health and overall well-being.  We have committed ourselves to continuing to be leaders in this area, driving innovation with exogeneous ketones.

It was this commitment that led to the discovery and development of the D-BHB ketone technology.   Through tireless study and examination, we were able to discover the truly life-altering power of the D-BHB ketone. Many thought it was limited to metabolic health, but we discovered that this ketone has the ability to improve your energy, mental health and wellness, and even reduce your risk for life-threatening illness such as diabetes and heart disease.  

D-BHB is the most powerful health and wellness supplement you can buy! 

Our Studies On D-BHB

Ketones for Weight Loss and Body Composition

The study found that the D-BHB ketone formula resulted in:

  • Loss in Body Mass (Weight Loss)
  • Reduction of BMI
  • Loss of Fat Mass
  • Increase in the Ratio of Lean Body Mass to Fat Mass
  • Reduction in Hip Circumference

View the text of this study (PDF)

D-BHB Ketones Lowers Normal Stress and Anxiety

The study found that the D-BHB Ketone Formula showed a dramatic stress and normal anxiety reduction of 40% (outperforming group one by 66%).

View the text of this study (PDF)

Clinically Proven to Change Your Life

The purpose of our placebo-controlled, double-blind, IRB-approved clinical study is to prevent research outcomes from being 'influenced' by the placebo effect or observer bias. This is the gold-standard of clinical studies used in the top fields of research from medicine to psychology. Through our studies, we found that D-BHB dramatically improves metabolic health and mental clarity.

Over 5X More Lean-To-Fat Ratio Increase

Placebo: 0.86%
Real Ketones D-BHB: 4.5%

Over 2X More Pounds Lost

Placebo: 3.1 lbs
Real Ketones D-BHB: 6.3 lbs

Over 2.5X More Pounds of Fat Lost

Placebo: 1.8 lbs
Real Ketones D-BHB: 4.5 lbs

Stress Reduction

Reduction in stress response from D-BHB group

35% Change of Normal Insulin Levels

Placebo: 2.6 iul/L
RK D-BHB: -1.2 iul/L

6.9% Reduction in Normal LDL Cholesterol Level

Placebo: -1.8 MG/DL
RK D-BHB: -8.6 MG/DL