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When someone goes into ketosis, the body converts fat into BHB ketones, but not just any BHB. BHB is a chiral molecule, meaning it has 2 forms – the D-BHB and the L-BHB. The form of BHB that the body produces during this fat burning process is called D-BHB, the bio-identical molecule the body endogenously (“inside the body”) generates. L-BHB is also contained inside the body, but very little is currently known on what its role and function is in the overall energy metabolism of the body, if any. Once D-BHB enters the blood, it is metabolized rapidly into energy that is effectively used by the body and brain.

The least expensive way to manufacture BHB is to produce a combination of D-BHB and L-BHB. Every other ketone brand uses this process but it creates products that are only 50% as effective as Real Ketones. However, our patented manufacturing process allows us to produce 100% pure D-BHB. This makes Real Ketones the strongest, most effective ketone products you can buy – and it’s why we consistently get 5-star reviews!

Backed by Years of Scientific Exogenous Ketone Research

Real Ketones has invested millions of dollars into the research of exogenous ketones. Our clinical studies have revealed new findings that demonstrate the efficacy of exogenous ketone products that don’t require being on a ketogenic diet. Many of these discoveries have gone on to be patented!

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Real Benefits, Real Results

Scientists have discovered, and will continue to uncover, the benefits of ketones throughout their years of research on the ketogenic diet. Real Ketones is committed to continuing its research into the benefits of exogenous ketones, and how they improve the lives of people everywhere.

Our studies have revealed that exogenous ketones are a safe and simple alternative to raising ketone levels, without the complicated adherence to the ketogenic diet. *(7)

The Easy Way to Keto!

Real Ketones makes it easy for you to lose weight, maintain your weight loss, improve your metabolism, and follow a keto diet. All backed by scientifically researched, clinically proven keto products that will help you change your life today.

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