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Take the weight off with Real 30, your weight loss program with everything you need to change your life in 30 days.

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Everything You Need to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals!


Our clinically proven products to kickstart weight loss!


Live weekly coaching sessions.

Daily Guidence

Recipes, shopping lists, and keto tips.

Exclusive Keto App & Community

Track your journey and share your story with real people like you!

Real Easy Keto

Real Ketones powerhouse D-BHB ketones makes keto easy to do and easy to maintain.

No counting calories, macros or starvation diets needed – just two doses a day and you’re on your way to extra energy, appetite suppression and mental clarity!


Take your morning dose of D-BHB with any of our convenient stick packs.



Eat a sensible, low-carb keto lunch


Keep your ketosis going all day with a second dose of D-BHB.



Eat a sensible, low-carb keto dinner

Meet Your Coaches

Fitness and Nutritional Experts at Your Fingertips!

Matt Cooper

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

As a highly sought after trainer, Matt Cooper has worked with some of the world’s most elite athletes across many sports. Matt has a groundbreaking integrated approach to fitness that optimizes health, fitness, and performance by marrying holistic, functional health with strength and conditioning.

Lauren Papanos

Dietitian & Nutritionist

Lauren Papanos is board certified as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics, as well as a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences with a specialty in Integrative Nutrition. Lauren has spent most of her career running a private practice where she specializes in Integrative Nutrition, specifically as it relates to hormones, metabolism, and wellness.

Real People, Real Results

Billy S.

220 LBS Lost

Jordyn S.

50 LBS Lost

Paul F.

35 LBS Lost

Forrest B.

45 LBS Lost

The Real 30 Bundle

  • BHB Peach Caffeinated - 30 Day
  • BHB Orange - 30 Day
  • Keto D-BHB Capsules - 30 Day
  • Keto Essentials - 30 Day
  • Keto Energy Shots - 3 Bottles
  • Shaker Bottle
  • Test Strips - 15
  • Real Ketones App
  • 30 Day Guide
  • Weekly Coaching
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