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Serves 8

Serve our delicious kimchi with cauliflower rice, seared meats and toss it in stir-fries, it’s got big flavor and no added preservatives!

Prep Time: 1 hour
Cooking Time: 0 minutes to cook & 5 days to ferment

1 large head of Napa cabbage
¼ cup coarse sea salt
2 cups daikon radishes, julienned
3 whole scallions, minced
8 garlic cloves, peeled & minced
1 teaspoon fresh ginger, minced
½ cup Korean red pepper powder
3 tablespoons fish sauce


Quarter the cabbage head and discard the core. Chop into ½” pieces.

Place chopped cabbage in a bowl and sprinkle with sea salt. Massage into the cabbage and let sit for 30 minutes or until the cabbage is soft and has released its juices.

While cabbage is resting, mix garlic, ginger and red pepper powder in a bowl and set aside.

Drain as much of the cabbage water as possible, then mix in the daikon radish and minced scallion.

Toss it all in the spicy red sauce.

Store in a sealed jar at room-temperature on the countertop for 5 days, releasing the air occasionally while it ferments.

When your kimchi tastes tangy, it is ready to serve.

Serve between 8, storing any leftovers in your fridge for up to a few months.


Calories: 10
Carbs: 1
Net Carbs: 0
Protein: 0
Fat: 0