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Orange Ginger Cranberry Mojitos (RK Product)

Serves 2

These festive cocktails are lined with our Keto Brown Sugar, and sweetened with our Orange Blast Lean for Life powder. Make a tray of these to toast with loved ones this holiday season! 

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 0 minutes 



1 shallow bowl of water to rim glasses

2 tablespoons Real Ketones Keto Brown Sugar to rim glasses 

10 fresh mint leaves

2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger

2 packets of Real Ketones Orange Blast Lean for Life powder 

4 ounces plain white rum

Juice from ½ medium lime 

½ cup fresh cranberry juice

2 cups ice-cubes

2 cups cranberry, lime, or orange-flavored seltzer


Fresh mint

Fresh cranberries 

Dried cinnamon sticks 


Line 2 serving glasses with Real Ketones Brown Sugar by placing the glasses upside-down in the shallow water so that top ¼” is coated in water. Dip and swirl in the brown sugar until each glass is lined. Set aside.

Place the fresh mint leaves, grated ginger, and Real Ketones Orange Blast Lean for Life in a bowl and muddle together with the back of a fork or in a mortar and pestle bowl. This will allow the fresh mint leaves to release their natural oils, creating a delicious minty flavor in the cocktails. 

Add the mint mixture, plain white rum, lime juice, and cranberry juice to a jar that can be sealed, or a cocktail shaker. Seal and shake until well-combined.

Pour over 2 glasses with a cup of ice-cubes each, then pour a cup of seltzer into each glass.

Garnish with fresh mint, cranberries, and dried cinnamon sticks. 


Calories: 202 

Carbs: 9

Net Carbs: 9

Protein: 0

Fat: 0