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Red White & Blue Bomb Pop Snow Cones

Serves 3

We’re celebrating this 4th of July holiday with these festive snow cones featuring our Bomb Pop shots! We made our own red, white and blue ice that are FREE of added sugar! Make a giant batch of these and have a great day celebrating with family and friends!

Prep Time: 3-4 hours to freeze ice-cubes & blend ice
Cooking Time: 0 minutes

20 ounces of Gatorade Fruit Punch Zero Sugar Thirst Quencher
20 ounces of Gatorade Glacier Freeze Zero Sugar Thirst Quencher
3 bottles of Real Ketones Keto Bomb Pop


Pour Fruit Punch and Glacier Freeze juice in separate ice-cube trays, so that you create red and blue ice-cubes.

Do the same with the Real Ketones Keto Bomb Pops, pouring it into an ice-cube tray evenly and supplementing with purified water so that each ice-cube mold is full.

Freeze for at least a few hours until it is ice.

Blend each batch of ice-cubes until it is fine and resembles shaved ice. Store in separate bowls until ready to use and store in the freezer as you blend each batch of ice.

Build your snow cones in glass tumblers by creating layers of each color of ice, so that you have a layer of red, white and blue ice. Build 3 snow cones.

Serve immediately with straws or spoons.


Calories: 4
Carbs: 1
Net Carbs: 1
Protein: 0
Fat: 0