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10 Tips to Staying Low-Carb this BBQ Season

BBQ Season: Low Carb Style

Barbecue season is all about being with those you love, laughing at childhood memories, and, frankly, eating good food! We LIVE for BBQ season!
And if you want to put your low-carb lifestyle on hold for a few days, we’re not here to judge. But we will be here to help you get back into ketosis, and curb your carb cravings (because they sneak up on you after a weekend of indulging!).
For the rest of you who don't want to be bloated in your swimsuits, and have steady energy for those hikes up the canyon, we are here to help you stay low-carb, and still enjoy yourself.

Here are our top 10 tips to staying low-carb this BBQ season:

  1. Avoid meat with glazes to avoid all the added sugar. Hamburgers are a great option. Load it up with toppings, like sliced avocado or pickled onions.
  2. Just say no to the bread. Whether it be rolls, cornbread, or buns. Once you've eliminated grains from you lifestyle, eating bread can give you a major tummy-ache.
  3. If grilled salmon is on the menu, dish up.
  4. Kabobs are a safe bet! It's meat and veggies. How can you go wrong?
  5. Load up on vegetable sides and salad. Our favorites are coleslaw, cucumber tomato salad, and a wedge salad. YUM!
  6. Swap out that sugary soda for sparkling water. Our personal favorite is La Croix
  7. Cobbler is a BBQ staple, especially with fresh berries from the garden! You can swap out some of the ingredients for low-carb sweeteners pretty effortlessly, or you can just enjoy the berries, with some cream on top. Classic, but delicious!
  8. Avoid sugary condiments, such as ketchup and BBQ sauce. Swap it out for guacamole
  9. Invest in a smoker! Smoking your meat and veggies is foul-proof. Your family will thank you. 
  10. And final tip, weigh your desires for each dish. If there is a side dish your mom makes once a year, and it's your absolute favorite, have a couple bites. You don't have to fill up half your plate, but a few bites will allow you to appreciate her hard work, and leave you feeling satisfied. 


That's it! Go out there and conquer your next BBQ! 
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