Mind Your Mind: Top Supplements For Mental Performance 

Mind Your Mind 

Top Supplements For Mental Performance 

The Limitless wave has begun to come on strong. Many early adopters in the ‘smart drug’ and ‘smart supplement’ arena have long-been experimenting with nutritional hacks, supplements, and pharmaceuticals in an attempt to tap into the brain’s mental performance. 
However, the reality is that many welldoers find themselves driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake for a few reasons, ranging from neglecting the fundamentals, all the way to selecting potentially harmful nootropic (smart supplement or drug) solutions. 
For these reasons, we decided to create a simple guide on mental performance. 

Don’t Neglect The Fundamentals 

Unfortunately, most people interested in nootropics wind up using them as a band-aid for some other area of their life they are neglecting-and this band-aid can’t serve as a stand-in for the origin story of the problem. Remember that nootropics are meant to help you achieve peak performance and not dig yourself out of a hole. 
Be sure you are getting sufficient sleep of a high quality and are living a lifestyle that doesn’t burn you out and tax your stress hormones. Meditation is honestly what provides the nootropic most are seeking from a smart drug anyway, so if you haven’t yet-start there.  
In addition to this, be sure you’re getting your requisite sunlight exposure, take measures against artificial light, and spend plenty of time outdoors and in nature. These alone may leave you feeling like you don’t even need a smart supplement.  
Ensure you’re breathing fully into your diaphragm and in an expansive capacity so that your body (including brain) have the requisite oxygen balance. 
Healing your metabolism so that your thyroid-your main anti-stress, energy hormone-is operating properly and your brain is not purely dependent on glucose for fuel helps provide foundational support for clean, sustainable energy and output. 
Your gut-brain axis plays a role here, too. The food you take in can influence your thoughts and cognitive fitness for better-or worse. Aim for mostly ancestral, nutrient-dense foods while avoiding pro-inflammatory agents. 
Lastly, ensure you’re training and moving your body so that you produce the requisite endorphins and neurotransmitters your brain needs to thrive. 
True Or False? Nootropics, Smart Drugs, and Pre-Workouts are The Best Brain Ergogenics? 
False! Although these are what many gravitate towards, these smart agents can actually be dangerous and don’t really address the core needs of the brain and nervous system. 
Check out the true cognitive performance enhancers below: 

Supplement vs How It Helps 

Vitamins & Multi-Minerals 
Your neurological health depends on micronutrient status to set the foundation for mental performance. Vitamins & minerals (like Real Ketones' Keto Multivitamin) provide your brain with the building blocks your body needs for communication and hormone function-which can alter your regular state for the better. 
Electrolyte Formula 
Proper electrolyte supplementation supports energy levels, hydrates the body at a cellular level, and promotes neuron communication in your brain. Without proper hydration, our brains cannot run at full-speed. In addition to electrolyte supplementation, we have electrolyte suites in many of our formulas (i.e. Powder Sticks and Keto Multivitamin). Putting a pinch of natural salt in each jug of water you drink is also a good call. 
Collagen helps support L-glycine concentrations, which results in better sleep, which in turn provides better brain function. Additionally, collagen is being observed to help substantially drive brain health. 
Exogenous Ketones 
Exogenous ketones provide your brain with one of its main preferred fuel sources. The MCT powder contained within some-like Lean For Life Prime D+-also help cross the blood-brain barrier for optimal effects. Exogenous ketones are so good for the brain they are being used in clinical settings for neurological health. Exogenous ketones can also help improve reaction time by as much as 10%. They can also help reduce anxiety levels by as much as 40%! 
Simple caffeine-ideally from organic coffee and tea can also drive focus, flow states, and mental acuity. Some of our products-including Real Ketones' Pure D-BHB Weight Loss Sticks-combine the above potent exogenous ketones with caffeine for heightened effect! 

As you can see, there are some simple, key steps you can take if you’d like to peak your mental performance. For more help, go to www.realketones.com and check out our Real30 Program for information. You can also find many muscle building guides in our educational library-all for FREE!