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The Keto-Friendly Starbucks Lineup - Fall Edition

Starbucks Fall: Keto Style!

Now that summer has come to an end and the weather begins to cool down, it’s easy to bundle up and forget about the smart habits we have made all summer. Don't let this chilly weather tempt you to turn to a sugary Starbucks fall flavored pick-me-up!
Stay on track this fall by knowing exactly what to order next time you pull up to the Starbucks drive-thru, and leave no guessing room to ensure that you maintain ketosis all fall and winter long! Check out these Keto fool-proof options at Starbucks for quick and easy tweaks to your favorite fall drinks, without all of the sugar and carbs that come along with them! 
A Real Ketones tip: Be wary of the endless flavors of sugar-free pumps on the Starbucks lineup. There have been studies to suggest that the zero sugar pumps may spike your blood sugar levels – putting your state of Ketosis at risk!
Avoid the sugar-free pumps and try our Real Ketones-ensured recommendations below:

The Traditional Americano – with a twist

The classic Americano can be adjusted with just a few simple steps. Start with switching to heavy cream instead of milk, and you’re on your way to a high-fat and low carb option. Add a dash of cinnamon to elevate the flavor even more! 

The Mocha

Enjoy this delicious classic in the keto friendly way by asking your barista to add half heavy cream and half water instead of milk, and make sure to tell your Barista to hold the added sugar and go for the unsweetened version!

The Cappuccino

If you’re in desperate need of a caffeine boost, request the Cappuccino with heavy cream instead of milk. If you’re in need of a little sweetness, add a stevia packet to heighten the flavor without upping your sugar intake!

The Blonde Cappuccino

For a lighter, smoother and subtly sweeter coffee roast, go for the blonde cappuccino. Follow the same steps as the classic Cappuccino, ask for heavy cream and no sweetener! 

The Chai Brewed Tea

Do you love a hot chai but not all the baggage that comes with it? Try this twist by asking your barista for a hot brewed chai tea. Add heavy cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon powder to elevate the flavor and enjoy the keto friendly version of one of Starbuck’s fall classics! 

The Classic Latte

Go for the simple latte, hot or iced, without the carbs and sugar that come with it. Ask for an unsweetened version with heavy cream and add a dash of cinnamon if you need a little more elevated flavor.

Looking for something cold? Try the Iced Quad Espresso

For a low carb caffeine boost like no other, go for the iced quadruple shot of espresso. Elevate the flavor by adding a splash of heavy cream and cinnamon sprinkles! If you’re looking for a caffeine boost, but not so intense, try a double-shot on ice with heavy cream and cinnamon instead!

Jade Citrus Mint Tea

You can never go wrong with a steaming cup of brewed unsweetened tea. Choose this option when you are looking for something warm and refreshing to start your day. Don’t forget to tell your Barista that you want the tea unsweetened! 

Concluding Thoughts

If you're ever unsure about what to order at Starbucks, stick to these suggestions. It’s easy to see that there is a common pattern here – cutting the added sugar, swapping low-fat milk for heavy cream, and adding some spice to elevate the flavor without the baggage that comes with most of the Starbucks fall beverage line! If all else fails, there are many options you can use to make Starbucks-inspired fall coffee drinks at home, using some of the tips below! 
Try some of our other Real Ketones tips to amp up your at home cup of coffee: 
  • Add cinnamon, cocoa powder, or pumpkin pie spice to add a more distinct flavor!
  • Use coconut cream or almond milk instead of heavy cream to switch up the taste!
  • Add a couple drops of vanilla or almond extract!
  • Add our Chocolate SHIFT for a boost of ketones!