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5 Awesome Things to Know About How Ketones Can Boost Testosterone Levels


Boost your Testosterone Levels 

Our bodies can go through many changes when we start to take enhancements. Here are 5 things to know about how ketones boost testosterone levels. 
Research on how ketones can boost testosterone is in its infancy, but what we already know about the relationship between the two looks promising. To understand it fully, you have to know what ketones are and how they're produced.
Ketones are organic compounds. In the body, the liver produces them as a reaction to burning fats. Ketosis occurs when the body starts to rely on ketones for some of its energy supply.
Energy production typically comes from blood glucose. When the body begins burning more fats than carbs, fatty acids form ketones and push the body closer to ketosis.
What does any of this have to do with testosterone? Plenty, once you realize all the benefits your body can enjoy through this metabolic state.

How Ketosis Works for the Body

Many of our Lean for Life Prime D+ customers prefer ketone supplementation because of the mental effects of ketosis. They've reported clearer focus and less brain fog.
If you feel yourself overburdened at work or trying to up your productivity, ketones can certainly help. But the benefits ketones have for testosterone go further than getting more done at work. They affect the look and feel of the body in the following ways.

1. Higher Energy Levels

Coffee is the go-to drink for more than 100 million people in the U.S. alone who are looking for natural ways to boost energy. Unfortunately, it's hard to stay focused and maintain energy throughout the day without succumbing to what we like to call the "coffee bean jitters."
Coffee bean jitters can get in the way of focus. They also can manifest in physical ways through shaking hands or rapid heartbeat.
What's worse, about one-third of the 100 million coffee drinkers mentioned above consume the beverage in an altered, sugar-infused state via specialty drinks like flavored lattes and cappuccinos. That means higher calories and sugars that prevent the body from burning its fat stores.
Achieving ketosis -- through diet or supplements -- provides all-day energy at a sustained pace. No crashes, no jitters. And the higher energy levels definitely come in handy when doing the things you'll need to do to boost testosterone, such as losing weight and exercising.

2. Weight Loss

Ketones and fasting are closely linked to one another over thousands of years. In 400 B.C., a Greek medical treatise identified fasting as an effective way to manage epilepsy.
The less food and drink a person suffering from the condition took in, the more they could control their seizures. Brilliant plan, but only one problem.
The symptoms came back whenever the person resumed their normal diet. Realizing starvation to the point of death was an ineffective way of "treating" the condition, researchers in the early 20th Century developed what would become the Ketogenic diet.
Ketogenic diets are high in fats and low in carbs. They also get much of their calories from protein-rich foods. Whenever the body needs energy, it burns off fats instead of carbs.
As a result, ketones can boost your ability to lose weight without feeling hungry all the time. That's why diabetics, women looking to lose pregnancy weight, or people suffering from obesity often use it as a quick way of shedding pounds.

3. The Drive to Exercise

Your energy levels are improving. You've lost several pounds rather quickly. You're starting to see the results in your waistline.
Thanks to ketones, you're starting to see what's possible. Suddenly, workouts seem less like chores and more like opportunities. That mental shift is important, and here's why.
Testosterone levels shoot upward after a workout, but this boost is short term. It's not until you've made exercise a habit that the results really start to kick in.
Ketones have a positive effect on the quality of your workouts -- more on that in a moment -- but more importantly, they have a positive effect on your drive to exercise in the first place. Drive creates habit, and habitual exercise leads to long-term benefits to your testosterone.

4. Faster Recovery from Exercise

Yes, ketones give you more energy. Yes, that energy can lead to a willingness to exercise, especially when coupled with the weight loss benefits.
But a huge factor in being able to make exercise a routine instead of a fad is recovery time. It's difficult to get to the gym the next day or day after when you've pushed yourself so hard your body feels like one big bruise.
Ketones can boost the number of your workouts by shortening recovery time. This makes it much easier for the gym to become a part of your ordinary routine.
Your cardio and strength will benefit as a result. This will further fuel weight loss efforts.

5. Building and Maintaining Lean Muscle

Ketones can boost the amount of lean muscle and help you maintain through both diet and supplementation.
On the diet side, you're eating more proteins and using more amino acids to aid in the breakdown, buildup, and recovery of muscle groups after a workout. If following the Keto diet, you're achieving ketosis by reducing carbs and forcing the body to use up fat stores.
Ketone supplements can get you there faster -- often in less than 60 minutes -- but either way, you're arriving at the same destination. You're doing more of what you need to do to build muscle and giving fat fewer places to hide.
The relationship between ketones and testosterone is clear. Testosterone is vital to building muscle. Ketones and the natural bodily process of ketosis promote muscle growth.

Ketones Can Boost the Way You Feel About Yourself

Who doesn't want to think clearer? Or have more energy to spend time with family and friends?
Who doesn't want to feel stronger? Look better in a swimsuit? Lose weight or maintain a healthy weight level?
Ketones can boost the way you feel about yourself by helping with all of these areas. If you're wanting to make a positive change, consider incorporating ketones into your health plan through diet, supplements, or both.
We have a range of products to help get you started, whether you're wanting to dip your toes into the water or go all-in.