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Accelerate Your Reaction Time With Exogenous Ketones

Accelerate Your Reaction Time With Exogenous Ketones


 Fractions of a second.  That’s it.  That is literally it.  Most sports are won and lost in fractions of a second.  It doesn’t pertain to just sports, either.  How about tactical athletes?  You know-the police, fire, military and more where instantaneous response time literally means life or death.  Lastly, how about you or your family?  Making the right reads when driving or an elderly person being able to catch themselves if they trip requires just as much fine tuning of the brain and nervous system.

 I think we can all agree it would be of the highest priority to be able to do whatever we can to improve reaction time.

 Of course, some of this comes from motor programs we train in our youth-playing youth sports, playing games, performing mental challenges, and simply playing, in general, all help fine tune our reaction time.  This also continues into adulthood in the form of mental challenges in the form of work, games, playing, and continuing physical activity.  We now know that this window of neuroplasticity actually never closes-meaning it is possible for us to rewire elements of our brain and nervous system well into adulthood and even the golden years.

This is incredibly empowering because it means it is never too late!



Exogenous Ketones: Nutritionally Fueling Reaction Time


 At the same time, we can support this nutritionally, as well-specifically through the use of exogenous ketone supplementation.

 There is a litany of research that links exogenous ketone supplementation to brain and nervous system health.  Recent research now adds to that by illustrating that exogenous ketones boost this vital reaction time by supporting the underlying biology behind it.


In fact, the studies show gargantuan improvements in physical reaction time-as high as 9.9% increases inability over just an 8 week period!

 Physical reaction time is actually a marker of the brain and nervous system health-so it makes perfect sense knowing what we know about exogenous ketones and their ability to improve these networks of the body-that this would carry over into physical performance.



Performance Mastery

 The obvious question is what this means for sports.  We asked Nutritionist and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Matt Cooper, to see what he thinks.  Matt works with a number of developing and professional athletes, including basketball players, UFC fighters, football players, soccer players, and everyday human athletes.

 “A 9.9% increase in reaction time is life or death in sports.  I mean if you can improve by fragments of a percent, we’ll take it-but a whole near 10% increase is unbelievable!”

 One of Matt’s fighters, UFC veteran Albert Morales, also weighed in.  “That’s literally life or death in sports.  Add it to the list of why everyone should want to take exogenous ketones.”



Health & Longevity Factors

 As we mentioned before, sports are not the only area of focus here-police, fire, military, and every day individuals all need a set of finely tuned reflexes in order to execute baseline human performance.  Whether it is part of your job, staying injury free, or part of your daily life, having a well oiled nervous system machine is critical as a human being.

 Additionally, physical reaction time is a marker of overall brain and nervous system health.  The physiology 101 lesson here is that we cannot improve the brain’s wiring to our physical capabilities without also supporting the optimal health and longevity of the systems that underscore it.

 What this all means is that by ordering the right set of items from the menu-integrating physical activity, eating well, playing, and supplementing with exogenous ketones-we can all boost our reaction times and live a healthier, higher quality of life while we’re at it.