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The Benefits of Ketones

Ketones are the molecules your liver produces when your body can't find enough sugar to use for fuel and burns fat instead. Exogenous ketones, those manufactured outside your body and taken as a supplement, can provide extra energy for your body.

Research has found numerous benefits of ketones, ranging from improved cognition to increased weight loss. This article will review six ketone benefits, including how ketones help to:

  1. Reduce cravings
  2. Kickstart ketosis
  3. Aid physical performance
  4. Enhance cognitive fitness
  5. Manage diabetes
  6. Improve medical conditions

How Do Ketones Work?

To understand the benefits of ketones, you need to understand ketosis — the state your body reaches when your liver converts fat into ketones. Your body releases the ketones into the bloodstream, where they travel to your muscles and brain to be used as fuel. Ketones can produce 225% more energy than glucose, making them an excellent fuel source.

You've reached a state of nutritional ketosis when your blood ketones rise to between 0.5 and 5mm.

Are Ketones Good for You?

Studies indicate that ketones are good for you. According to our clinical research, exogenous D-BHB ketones provide significant improvements in mental clarity and metabolic health.


Top 6 Ketone Benefits

So, what do ketones do for your body? Improved weight loss is one of the critical benefits of ketone supplements. Combined with a proper exercise and diet routine, ketones can help you lose weight. But ketone benefits go well beyond that. Ketones can help:

  1. Reduce Cravings

    Ketosis and exogenous ketones have been shown to significantly reduce appetite. Many people who use ketones report fewer cravings and better appetite regulation. Exogenous ketones have been found to significantly  lower levels of Glucagon Like Peptide (GLP-1) and Ghrelin, the two primary hormones that trigger the body’s hunger response, leaving ketone users feeling considerably less hungry and helping them stick to their diet plan.

  2. Kickstart Ketosis

    Among other ketone benefits, exogenous ketones can help your body reach ketosis faster. Exogenous ketones like our ketone powders are a useful tool for new keto dieters looking to get into ketosis as exogenous ketones prepare your body to run on ketones at the cellular level. This boost of ketones from supplementation when your body is not producing enough ketones on its own ultimately kickstarts your body's own natural ketone production from the breakdown of stored fats.

  3. Aid Physical Performance

    A study by Dr. Jeff Volek, a nutrition researcher, and his team found that endurance athletes in a state of ketosis retained and replenished glycogen (glucose stored in muscle cells for energy) better than those on higher carbohydrate diets during a three-hour running performance trial.

    Additional research shows that ketone supplements can help with recovery rates among athletes. And exogenous ketones supply excellent fuel for lower-intensity cardiovascular workouts.

  4. Enhance Cognitive Fitness

    Other research shows that the brains of rats that were fed ketones worked more efficiently and performed faster. Anecdotal evidence demonstrates that people who take ketone supplements experience a state of calm wakefulness that helps them power through long days of working or studying.

  5. Manage Diabetes

    An analysis of 14 studies found that a keto diet helped patients with type 2 diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels by regulating the glycaemic response, reducing blood glucose and improving insulin sensitivity while not impacting insulin secretion. The analysis also showed that a keto diet helped study participants lose significant weight.

  6. Improve Medical Conditions

    A growing body of evidence indicates that exogenous ketones show promise in reducing the risk of cancer, anxiety, stress and other diseases.* Studies have demonstrated that mice with systemic cancer increased their survival rates to 70% when fed ketones.

    Researchers have also observed that ketones can help lower chronic inflammation by inhibiting proteins called inflammasomes. Other studies have linked nutritional ketosis via diet and exogenous ketones with reduced symptoms of epilepsy and Alzheimer's in humans.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult with a trusted healthcare provider before taking any supplements.

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