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How Ketones Can Benefit Every Body

How Ketones Can Benefit Every Body

We’ve observed that most people actually associate exogenous ketones with the ketogenic diet- and that’s fair. Your body producing endogenous ketones (ketones produced by your body) is where the diet gets its namesake and certainly, a ketogenic diet will provide you with the presence of ketone molecules in your system. However, a strict ketogenic diet is not for everybody. And it’s also possible for most people to perhaps spend some time where their body is endogenously producing ketones while also being able to harness the power of ketones via exogenous supplementation. This way we can build on the benefits without having to spend excess time in some of the stressful states that create them. The following is a mini-guide to show different use cases for exogenous ketones and who can benefit from them.

Use Case: People Who Want To Be Healthy

Benefits: Exogenous ketones promote brain & neurological health, longevity, and cellular energy production, which in turn supports all processes of the body-from immune function to hormone production.

Use Case: In-Gym Performance

Benefits: Exogenous ketones can provide a way to flood your body with high-level energy without stressing the adrenal system of the body, making it an ideal pre-workout inclusion. Exogenous ketones can also act as a way to enhance physical performance, stamina, or recovery, therefore improving strength and endurance.

Use Case: Athletes

Benefits: Exogenous ketones can reduce oxygen consumption, providing you with more energy resources for endurance, and more reserves to tap into for performance. Ketones also benefit the nervous system, which is a key element of high performance. Furthermore, exogenous ketones can improve both mental focus and reaction time.

Use Case: Stress & Anxiety

Benefits: Exogenous ketones help relax the system and are even GABAergic, meaning they support balances of the relaxatory neurotransmitter, GABA. They have been observed to improve anxiety levels by as much as 40% in research.

Use Case: Satiety & Fullness

Benefits: Exogenous ketones can help support feelings of fullness and reduce cravings in people of all walks of life.
As you can see, there are more layers to exogenous ketones than simply those on a keto diet. We hope this guide has served as a brief example to show you how you can harness the power of ketones, regardless of diet ideology.

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