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How to Use D-BHB Ketones to Lower Stress and Fight Anxiety

How to Use D-BHB Ketones to Lower Stress and Fight Anxiety

Contrary to what some people believe, stress isn’t “all in your head.” In fact, when you’re stressed out, your entire body responds.
In other words, “mind over matter” simply doesn’t work--when you let stress get out of control, it can affect every area of your life, including your health.
Fortunately, new research shows that exogenous ketones, supplements identical to ketones your body produces on the ketogenic diet, can help with stress management.
In this article, you’ll learn about a groundbreaking new study showing that D-BHB ketones can decrease stress and normal anxiety, the best way to use ketogenic supplements for a calm, relaxed, focused mental state, plus other scientifically-proven tips to lower your stress levels.
But first, let’s take a closer look at the very real problems everyday stress and normal anxiety can cause in your life.

4 Problems Caused by Stress and Normal Anxiety
1. Lower Productivity
According to the American Psychological Association, stress costs $300 billion per year in lost work productivity in the United States alone[*].
When you’re stressed, “fight-or-flight” hormones flood your body, and your ability to focus, think rationally, and solve problems goes out the window[*].
Dr. Amy Arnsten, a Yale researcher who focuses on stress and brain function, says "Primitive brain circuits are a good thing sometimes, but usually not in modern life. These stress pathways can easily lead to trouble."
Lastly, chronic, unmanaged stress also causes physical changes in your brain that can reduce your mental faculties over time[*]. Related changes associated with long-term stress include mood changes and a higher risk of depression[*].
2. Poor Sleep
When you’re stressed, your body releases the hormones cortisol and adrenaline in anticipation of a threat[*].
These powerful stress hormones are helpful if you’re actually facing a dangerous situation, but in everyday modern life, they result in less sleep and lower-quality sleep[*].
Dr. Herbert Benson, director emeritus at the Harvard-Affiliated Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, points out that "For many people, sleep disorders are closely tied to stress."
If you’re having trouble sleeping, try paying attention to how often you feel stressed.
3. Decreased Immune Function
Excessive stress hormones not only wreck your productivity, mood, and sleep, but also decrease your immune function[*].
According to researchers, high levels of stress and normal anxiety can increase your risk of infections[*].
Additionally, poorly managed stress may also increase your risk of autoimmune conditions[*].
4. Higher Risk of Chronic Diseases
Just in case you needed more proof that stress isn’t solely a mental problem, studies suggest that people with high stress levels have a greater risk of chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes[*][*][*].
Dr. Pam Factor-Litvak, associate professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University, says that “Some stress is necessary, but it’s the excessive stress” that increases wear and tear on the body. 
Scientists think that the underlying reason for increased disease risk is that chronic stress increases inflammation levels in your body[*].
Clinical Study: Can D-BHB Ketones Decrease Stress and Normal Anxiety?
In 2019, researchers at the Center for Applied Health Sciences in Ohio set out to investigate the effects of ketogenic supplements on stress and normal anxiety.
For the purposes of the study, the scientists were interested to learn what effect the supplements would have on people’s day-to-day perceptions of stress and mild, non-chronic anxiety.
In other words, the study investigated the changes in stress levels and anxiety, but only “normal” anxiety--not generalized anxiety disorder or other clinically diagnosed anxiety disorders.
First, they recruited 57 healthy volunteers. The majority of the participants in the study (84%) were female.
Then, the researchers randomly divided the subjects into two groups, each of which received different blends of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and D-beta-hydroxybutyrate (D-BHB) ketones.
For the following 8 weeks, the study participants took a serving of ketogenic supplements twice per day.
Meanwhile, the researchers tracked measures of stress and anxiety.
And at the end of the study, they compared the effects of each ketogenic supplement blend. Here’s what they found:
On average, the supplements decreased stress and normal anxiety by 32%
However, the second group showed a dramatic stress and anxiety reduction of 40% (outperforming group one by 66%)
Ultimately, the study demonstrates that ketogenic supplements can effectively reduce stress and normal anxiety--and also that one formulation works better than others.
In a moment, we’ll examine how you can use the exclusive, patented, highly-successful ketogenic formula from this study to reduce your day-to-day stress levels and feel less anxious.
But first, let’s take a closer look at how D-BHB and MCT oil might work.
How Do D-BHB Ketones and MCT Work?
At a basic level, ketogenic supplements like D-BHB and MCT oil recreate the benefits of the keto diet without requiring you to cut carbs or adopt a new diet or lifestyle.
And both of them work by raising your body’s ketone levels, but through slightly different mechanisms.
Firstly, in case you aren’t familiar, ketones are special high-energy molecules your body makes when you don’t eat carbohydrates, but instead burn fat for fuel.
They’re the “brain food” that takes the place of the sugar (carbs) that your brain and body typically use for energy.
For example, if you were to fast or follow the keto diet, your liver begins producing ketones after about 24 hours of avoiding carbs and sugar[*].
And scientists have found that ketones drive the majority of keto diet benefits, including heightened energy levels, improved brain function, better mood, appetite control, and reduced inflammation[*][*][*][*][*][*][*].
Essentially, ketones are the “difference-maker” that sets the keto diet apart from literally every other diet out there.
And according to research, D-beta-hydroxybutyrate (D-BHB for short) appears to be the most beneficial ketone your body makes[*].
But here’s where things get truly interesting. Supplements called exogenous ketones are bioidentical to natural ketones, but instead of being produced in your body, they’re available in supplement form.
Exogenous ketone supplements are one part of the winning formulation from the 2019 Ohio study we just discussed.
As a result, if you’d rather not deal with the headache of eating a specialized diet, you can get similar results simply by taking ketogenic supplements, particularly D-BHB ketones.
On the other hand, in contrast to D-BHB, medium-chain triglyceride oil elevates your body’s ketone levels naturally, by increasing the production of ketones in your liver[*].
Research shows that unlike longer-chain fatty acids (such as olive oil), MCTs convert to ketones whether or not you follow the keto diet[*].
You can think of the patented combination of D-BHB and MCT as a 1-2 punch that offers the health benefits of the keto diet in supplement form.
How Do Ketogenic Supplements Fight Stress and Anxiety?
Now you know the general principles of how D-BHB and MCT work in your body to recreate the uniquely beneficial effects of the keto diet.
But what about their anti-stress effects, as shown in the 2019 study?
The 2019 Ohio study on keto supplements and stress levels did not investigate the mechanism of how Real Ketones D-BHB and MCT oil work to reduce normal anxiety, but rather demonstrated their effectiveness.
However, thanks to other research, we do know that ketogenic supplements directly affect brain function and physiology in multiple ways.
Here are some pathways that may relate to the anti-stress effects of ketogenic supplements:
D-BHB is a healthy brain fuel your brain cells can use easily during times of stress[*].
Ketones are anti-inflammatory, with antioxidant effects in the brain, meaning they may prevent damage to brain cells[*].
D-BHB and other ketones change the expression of genes in your brain, which could explain many of their remarkable benefits[*][*].
And not only that, but D-BHB may even increase GABA production in your brain[*]. GABA is a “calming” neurotransmitter, meaning it reduces anxiety and helps with stress management[*].
Finally, keep in mind that ketogenic supplements allow us to benefit without any dietary change whatsoever.
Sure, eating healthy still helps--and we’ll get to that shortly.
However, with D-BHB and MCT oil, there’s no need to go keto, count carbs, or otherwise turn your life upside down to elevate your ketone levels.
How to Use Keto Supplements for a Calm, Relaxed Mental State
Thanks to the 2019 stress study, we know that clinically-proven ketogenic supplements can decrease stress and normal anxiety levels. Here’s how to use them.
First of all, keep in mind that keto supplements work by increasing your ketone levels. Therefore, for best results, you need to take them daily, at regular intervals, on an empty stomach.
Start by taking 2 stick packs (13 grams each) of Real Ketones Prime D+ daily.
You can also take an extra stick pack (13 grams) prior to stressful situations--like giving a presentation, taking a test, or rushing to meet a deadline.
And while there are no serious side effects associated with D-BHB or MCT oil, a minority of people do experience an upset stomach at first.
These effects are harmless and, generally speaking, go away on their own within 1-2 weeks.
However, if you do notice digestive discomfort, try taking a single stick pack once per day until your body gets used to the new regimen. Then resume taking 2 stick packs per day.
Alternatively, you can try taking your ketogenic supplements with meals to ease any digestive symptoms.
Lastly, while D-BHB ketones and MCT oil are incredibly safe, it’s always wise to speak to your doctor before you begin a new supplement--especially if you take medication, have a medical condition, are pregnant or nursing, or are a senior citizen.
5 Stress-Busting Tips for Better Mental and Physical Health
Want to achieve a new level of calm and wellbeing? Use these scientifically proven tips along with ketogenic supplements to support your mental and physical health.
1. Exercise Regularly
If you’re feeling run down, physical activity can provide you with an instant mood boost[*].
And research suggests that healthy exercise can also counteract the detrimental effects of stress on your brain and body[*].
Best of all, if you exercise consistently, the benefits only get better over time[*]. According to research, here’s how it works[*]:
Raises brain blood flow
Increases brain oxygen consumption
Reduces muscular tension
Elevates neurotransmitter levels
Improves brain structure
Decreases stress, anxiety, and depression

Studies suggest that a blend of cardio, resistance training, and stretching may be the most successful recipe for long-term benefits[*].
But if you aren’t the gym rat type, don’t sweat it. Research also shows that brisk walking a few times a week is still an effective way to counteract the effects of stress[*].
2. Consume Enough Micronutrients
Your brain requires micronutrients like zinc, iodine, and B vitamins to function correctly and deal with daily stressors[*][*].
According to Dr. Adrienne Lopresti, a clinical psychologist and researcher, “the bulk of evidence suggests stress can affect micronutrient concentrations, often leading to micronutrient depletion”[*].
And numerous studies show that deficiencies in micronutrients may lead serious issues with stress and anxiety[*][*][*].
While you may have heard that nutrient deficiencies are rare as long as you eat a balanced diet, recent scientific evidence suggests otherwise.
A 2019 study in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience discovered that healthy adults from the general population were mildly deficient in various micronutrients[*].
For those individuals, taking multivitamin-multimineral supplements increased multiple measures of brain function[*].
Luckily, if you want to correct micronutrient deficiencies for better resilience and lower stress levels, you don’t have to take dozens of different supplements every day.
Real Ketones offers a carefully-chosen essential micronutrient formulation that includes zinc, iodine, thiamin, riboflavin, B-6, B-12, biotin, pantothenic acid, as well as 12 other micronutrients, plus ingredients that support calm focus and wellbeing.
3. Reduce Inflammation
We’ve already discussed the fact that inflammation is the hidden factor behind the deadly effects of chronic stress[*][*].
Dr. Firdaus Dhabhar, the associate professor of psychiatry and director of research at the Stanford Center on Stress and Health, says “It appears that chronic stress can produce long-term increases in inflammation and oxidative damage, which may be ways that chronic stress can affect other medical conditions.”
Additionally, decreased inflammation is responsible for many of the positive brain health benefits of ketogenic supplements and healthy practices like exercise.
In other words, controlling inflammation is one of the keys to limiting the effects of stress and normal anxiety on your long-term health.
Here are some other scientifically-proven suggestions you can use to reduce inflammation and mitigate the damage caused by stress:
Drink only in moderation[*]
Quit smoking[*]
Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies[*]

And last but not least, research shows that healthy stress management techniques also decrease inflammation[*]. In the upcoming sections, you’ll find our top two picks to keep your stress levels in check.
4. Breathe Deeply
When you’re stressed out, you may notice yourself breathing faster and more shallowly.
Next time that happens, try slowing and focusing on your breath. Research shows that slowing your breath down as much as possible can help fight stress[*].
And even if you aren’t dealing with stress, breathing deeply--all the way down into your diaphragm and belly, like in yoga class--can still increase oxygen delivery to your brain and enhance your mental acuity and sense of wellbeing[*].
5. Meditate
Along with deep breathing, daily mindfulness meditation is a scientifically proven method to reduce the effects of stress, enhance brain function, and ensure healthy brain aging[*][*].
Think you don’t have time to meditate?
Think again--according to a 2018 study published in the prestigious journal Nature, a mere 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation per day led to measurable brain benefits after just 8 weeks[*].
To benefit from meditation, you don’t have to do much, but you do need to be consistent.
The Takeaway: D-BHB Ketones for Lower Stress and Less Anxiety 
The research is conclusive: ketogenic supplements like D-BHB and MCT are fantastic for managing stress and supporting your sense of wellbeing.
However, as we learned from the 2019 keto supplement stress study, using the correct formulation makes a significant difference--a 66% greater reduction in stress and normal anxiety.
Real Ketones provides the only ketogenic supplement clinically proven to decrease stress and normal anxiety and aid weight loss.
Want to experience the patented, highly-successful formula from the 2019 stress study? Click here to sample Prime D+ for yourself, or try our suite of D-BHB only products as part of the proven Keto Starter Kit.
On the other hand, don’t forget that all supplements, including ketogenic supplements, work better if you put in the effort to live as healthily as possible.
Therefore, if you need expert assistance with healthy lifestyle changes, consider Real 30: Everything You Need to Change Your Life in 30 Days.