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Fat Loss Trouble Shooting Guide: Tips To Help Re-Ignite Your Fat Burning

Tips To Help Re-Ignite Your Fat Burning

Many report a stalling in progress on most health, nutrition, and/or fitness regimens. The ketogenic diet, variations of keto, and/or a metabolically flexible metabolism (fat-adapted) are no different. If you’ve hit a serious plateau, we’ve created a quick hits tip guide for you below:

1. Eat Less- Even on keto-calories still matter. Even if you’re not into counting, you can still experiment with changing your food intake to match accordingly.

2. Eat Less Fat- Many mainstream keto gurus will mistakenly keep upping the fat level, resulting in you gaining even more fat. If your fat is already high and your progress has stalled, it may be time to decrease your fat intake. Excess fat can be stored around your organs and can cause blood sugar issues. You may also want to consider eating more carbs on your more intense exercise days or in an occasional carb refeed.

3. Eat More Protein- Keto as a light/moderate protein diet works great for some. Others-those leading an active lifestyle, women who exercise, athletes, gym goers, etc.- will need more protein. If your progress has stalled, you may need to count yourself in that boat. More protein helps metabolically, cellularly, promotes satiety, and has a thermogenic (fat burning) effect.

4. Try Calorie Cycling- Eat more calories on days you train when your body needs the added recovery support. Safely engage in a deficit on lighter and rest days when you don’t need the recovery support. This promotes body recomposition (muscle gain & fat loss) as well as optimal health.

5. Supplement Smartly- Be sure you’re taking in enough electrolytes and consider experimenting with exogenous ketones for added metabolic health.
Most importantly, don’t get down on yourself! A plateau is normal and happens to everyone. In fact, it’s actually part of the process. Your body has to ‘accept’ certain statuses in order to feel safe as part of your body composition changes (muscle growth, fat loss). Remember that you’re taking the long road here.