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Five Ways to Ensure you have a Healthy, Fun, and Safe Summer

Five Ways to Ensure you have a Healthy, Fun, and Safe Summer


Summertime is upon us which means travel, being outdoors and spending time in the water. Today I’m going to share with you five ways to ensure that you have a healthy, fun and safe summer!

TIP 1: Eat Produce Daily!

  • When traveling, it can be challenging to ensure that you eat enough produce. Restaurants typically serve small portions or if you are on the road, you might not have the option due to storage. Make it a point to include a source of produce at each meal- no matter how small. This can include vegetables, fruits or legumes. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, water content and fiber. Continuing to incorporate them will ensure your immune system, digestion, metabolism, and energy levels stay optimal while traveling.

TIP 2: Stay Safely Hydrated!

  • Bring with you a reusable water bottle so that you can prevent drinking from the tap and use it for adding your electrolytes. It can be very easy to get dehydrated during the hot summer months, especially if you are spending time outside. Our Elevate and Shift powder stick packs contain electrolytes to support optimal hydration. You can also get additional electrolytes by adding celtic sea salt to your water bottle during the day.

TIP 3: Support Your Immune System!

  • Summertime often brings changes to your environment, sleep, and diet- all of which can impair your immune system. Continue to support it by following tip 1, prioritizing at least 7 hours of sleep each night, limiting alcohol consumption, and keeping good hygiene. If traveling abroad, I also recommend being cautious of where you obtain your meat, produce and water to prevent contracting a foodborne illness.

TIP 4: Don’t Forget Your Vitamins!

  • Your vitamins can be a helpful component to your daily routine. They can ensure you have a baseline of nutrients despite changes to your normal eating habits. I recommend adding a simple multivitamin into your routine like our Keto Essentials Multivitamin that has a full suite of goodies for your body to enjoy. You might also consider taking a daily pre- and probiotic to support your digestive system.

TIP 5: Move Often!

  • The summertime is the perfect opportunity to get more movement! Walking to see new attractions, going on scenic hikes, swimming in the pool or ocean- these are all ways that you can continue to stay active. If you aren’t able to incorporate any movement into your plans for the day, see if you can fit in just 30 minutes of a bodyweight workout before adventuring out for the day!

Incorporating these 5 strategies each day will help ensure that you have a healthy, fun and safe summer 2021!

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