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How to Shop Sustainably + Tips for Being Sustainable at Home

How to Shop Sustainably + Tips for Being Sustainable at Home

When you hear the word sustainability, you might think of the environment. But did you know that sustainability can not only impact the health of the environment, but also your own health? Let’s discuss a few ways that you can become more sustainable and how doing so will improve your health.

Tip 1: Purchase Locally

When you purchase your produce from a local farmers market or CSA box, you decrease air pollution and improve vitamins in your food. One of the ways our body detoxifies is through respiration. When air quality is poor, this directly impacts our own health. Additionally, food that has traveled less, has more vitamins and minerals in it, and less pesticides.

Tip 2: Get Rid of Plastics

Plastics not only disrupt our environment but also our own hormone health. Plastic sticks around in the environment for a very long time. It can threaten our wildlife and spread toxins into our environment. Additionally, plastics contain something called xenoestrogens. These are estrogen mimicking compounds that have the ability to bind to our estrogen receptors and affect various hormonal conditions [1]. Instead of plastics, opt for glass or stainless steel materials.

Tip 3: Choose Reusable

Reusable products can be a great way to decrease waste in our landfills. You can purchase reusable water bottles, plastic bags, towels and even wool dryer balls. When you purchase reusable, not only does this help the environment, it also saves you money! Look for reusable options that are free of chemicals and made from natural materials.
You can become more sustainable by first doing an audit of your everyday uses. In doing so, determine all of the items that are one time use products or plastics. Can you start to replace these with better and more reusable options? Additionally, next time you go grocery shopping, make a trip to your local farmers market on your way home to pick up your produce. Just these small tweaks alone will go a long way in helping the environment and your own health!