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Keto Kept Simple: 4 Easy Low Carb Recipes

4 Easy Low Carb Recipes

Is limited access to the grocery store killing your keto creativity in the kitchen? Fear not! Our chef on staff, Sarah Steffens, has some simple comfort recipes to keep your motivation up and your fridge stocked! By including easily accessible items (or ones you already have on hand!) you can create delicious and beautiful dishes!

Ham & Cheese Egg Muffins

7 ingredients, 1g carbs/ 9g protein/ 10g fat
“These baked Ham & Cheese Egg Muffins offer a punch of flavor and a pack of protein and healthy fats in each bite. They are perfect to serve to your family or a few friends and very nice to make in advance and enjoy throughout the week!"

Cottage Cheese Olive Dip

6 ingredients, 2g carbs / 4g protein / 7g fat
“Cottage cheese and olives makes for a creamy, yummy, salty dip that tastes great with raw veggies or on top of salads, we’ve been making this a lot, these days! We blended ours with minced scallion, but feel free to swap it for parsley, basil, cilantro or dill, use up whatever green herb you have on hand!”

Egg Salad with Yogurt

9 ingredients, 2g carbs/ 14g protein/ 24g fat
"Egg salad is a naturally high protein meal, so we added a touch of olive oil to increase this dish’s fat content, keeping you full and satisfied for even longer. Serve this by itself or with your favorite Keto-friendly veggies and meats!"

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

3 ingredients, 13g carbs/ 4g protein/ 8g fat
"Yum! Can it get any easier than this recipe for peanut butter cookie?! A classic treat gets simple yet just as delicious when made low-carb, your body will be thanking you for opting for a batch of these the next time you crave a little something sweet!"

We hope you enjoy these recipes and that they help you to use ingredients you might already have in a new, inspiring way! Check out even more low carb/keto recipes at our website!