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A Drop Dead Simple Guide To Take The Guesswork Out Of Keto


Many newcomers to ketone-fueled lifestyles have plenty of questions regarding how to start.  We recommend starting by downloading our keto adaptation guide and then beginning on to this drop dead simple keto quick start guide.  Always consult with your doctor or qualified healthcare professional before embarking on any changes to your health and fitness.


  1. Purchase Real Ketones Prime D+
  2. Download Our Real Ketones Grocery Guide & Keto Adaptation Guide
  3. Follow @RealKetones on Instagram, Facebook, and join our community support group on Facebook.
  4. Complete Our Real Ketones Goal Setting Checklist
  5. You can commit to following a ketogenic diet as outlined in the adaptation guide (approx. 70% fat, 25% protein, 5% carbs) or simply reduce your carbohydrate servings to one meal per day at dinner and increase your amount of healthy fat intake, while striving to get at least a palm sized portion of protein at each meal.
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  7. Suggested Routine


Days 1-10 (Adaptation Phase):


  • Breakfast or Fasting Period: If eating breakfast, opt for high fat, moderate/low protein, lower carb meal. Take 1 serving of Real Ketones Prime D+ and/or a Keto Coffee Creamer.  Take Keto Essentials Multi-Vitamin.
  • Lunch: Eat a higher fat, lower carb, moderate protein meal with vegetables.
  • Mid-Afternoon (or Roaming Pre-Workout): Take 1 serving of Real Ketones Prime D+ and 1-2 servings of Grass-Fed Whey Prime Protein.
  • Dinner: Eat your last meal with 1-2 hours before bedtime. You can eat a higher fat, lower carb, moderate protein meal with vegetables and if you like, you can include a small number of additional carbs with this meal.
  • Drink water throughout the day.


  1. Maintenance & Beyond


Days 11 & On: Congratulations!  You should be fully keto-adapted at this point, fully enjoying real results and claiming your vibrant life.  Continue with the above protocol as much as you can.  If you happen to slip out of ketosis on purpose (fitness, athletes) or because life happens & indulgence, simply repeat the above steps and consume Real Ketones Prime D+ to help your re-entry.