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Real Results Program

Get Real Results

Program Overview

  • Supplement Guide
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Mindfulness 2.0
  • Sleep Hygiene & Environment
  • Training & Movement 


In a perfect world, our habits would not leave any nutritional or health gaps-however, the reality of the modern world means we have to look to nutritional and other technologies not to survive but to thrive. Nutrient gaps, performance needs, and the reality that we are human animals mismatched in a modern, alien world all indicate a need for supplementation.
The following nutraceuticals and their protocols subsequently address your needs and/or drive health and performance.


  • Omega 3 Fish Oil: 1 heaping tsp with a meal.
  • Liquid D/K: 10,000 in water in AM
  • Probiotic: 1 capsule in the evening
  • Ionic Plant or Ocean Minerals: 1 tsp in water in AM
  • CoQ10 + PQQ: 1 capsule in AM
  • Creatine: 5g per day


  • Avoid High Carb & High Fat at the same time if possible
  • Avoid wheat/gluten products
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners
  • Avoid food dyes
  • Avoid PUFAs as much as you can though they may come in from restaurants. These are industrial seed oils (eg soy, canola, vegetable oil, peanut oil, etc.)
  • Avoid refined sugars
  • Hydration: .75 gallons of filtered water per day. Best: .7 gallons of structured water per day.
  • Snack Options: Real Ketones Keto Chips- 1 serving as needed for a snack and/or as a meal supplement, Meal Bars- 1 bar as needed for a snack and/or as a meal supplement


  • Meditation: Daily in AM for at least 10 min as a backup. However, the protocol is 20 minutes in the morning and (10 minutes following work shifts before bed). Try Headspace, Buddhify, or Insight Timers as easily package points of entry. We can evolve this from here as you gain experience.
  • Social Media: Try and check it no more than 3x/day. Ideally just twice, if you can.
  • Void-Filling Behavior: Avoid the need to habitually not just sit there and be with yourself. Those flighty parts of yourself that make it hard to sit still-those are the ones important to nourish and just be with. Pay attention to where you feel these parts in your body.  Woo or not, telling them it’s all going to be okay as if you are parenting will do wonders.
  • Novel Movement: Regular walks or simple trips outside are highly encouraged as part of daily practice (or as close to that as you can come). Night walks are especially helpful, weather permitting. This helps you expand to peripheral vision and undoes a lot of the ‘tricks’ we, lifestyle, and modern technology play on the brain and nervous system.
  • Acupuncture: is a great idea for this area as well as your goals of optimizing health and performance.


  • Light: No shadows after 7 pm rule: only use lamps and no overhead lighting
  • Prepare: Cover your eyes or blackout your room and kill white noise from television or radio
  • Blue Light: Set anti-blue light settings on devices. Wear cheap blue blocking glasses from if using screens
  • EMF: Airplane mode/turn off the phone. Unplug devices w/in 4 feet of sleeping space.
  • Mind-Body: The aforementioned meditation protocol in the evening on any day you are wound. If you’d like to do so every day, go for it!
  • Light Cycles: By making it a point to step outside even for a moment in the morning and evening, you expose yourself to the light of those times of day, which help you retune your clock gene mechanisms.
  • Reconnection: Humans are bioelectrical and biomagnetic beings. Now that we’ve covered many photonic elements, it’s important to address this.  By taking regular walks outside (more nature, the better) and going barefoot on non-asphalt interfered ground, we can begin to get your voltage back online.  Remember, everything you need and want out of health and performance involves voltage and the tiniest levels.


Adaptation to nutritional ketosis can potentially prove difficult in even conventionally healthy and in-shape individuals. 
This initial on-ramp period can take as little as a week, or as long as a month, with lingering adaptations sometimes taking multiple months in rarer cases. During this initial week or two windows, your metabolism is learning to shift from burning glycogen to being able to burn fat (body your body fat and dietary fat), as well as glycogen (carbs) for fuel. During this timeframe, your overall physical capabilities may be somewhat diminished, be it in the gym or for performance. During this initial phase, we recommend lesser taxing activities, such as walking, mild hiking, easy biking, basic yoga, and other low hanging fruit. 
As your keto flu adaptation symptoms subside, you may gradually resume higher intensity training-whatever that means to you at your unique level.