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RK At-Home Gym Guide!

Real Results From Home

How To Set Up A Complete Home Gym For Under $250

At the present time, many of you likely have to make do with training at home, outdoors, and similar venues. I completely understand how for many-this can seem like a big time downer for your results. But have no fear! For most of the population, training at home can not only be a fun change of scenery-it can be more than enough to generate the health and fitness results you want while keeping your immune system fortified. Moreover, training is a way for you to meditate with the body and relieve stress!
This guide will teach you what you need to keep the results rolling in at home for under $250! This isn’t going to cost loads of money, take up excess space you may not have, or damage your flooring in any way, either! What it is going to have is the necessary tools to have a strong, healthy body, look & feel fantastic, and help you live a happier, longer life.
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If you’re in, let’s get to it. I’m going to teach you what you need to pick up and helpful places to get it cost-effectively!


PVC Pipe & Lacrosse Ball

These tools of the trade are for breaking up unwanted layers of fascia from previous city miles on the body, training improperly, and more. They also help your sensory system release unwanted held neural tension in the musculature that can come from training, as well as from stress. Pain relief, emotional release, and fluidity in motion are the names of the game here.
How To Use: Go over ALL the spots. Entire backside from base of the skull to calves, bottoms of feet, sidelines from your lat to the side of your shin, hips, and quads with the pipes. Use the lacrosse ball on your chest, pressing it against a wall, on your ribcage, glute med, and backside predominantly. When you find tight areas, stay on these points until they release. You may want to do a casual rinse over these areas before training and also take separate time to do this to fully release yourself. Your body will thank you for it!
Where To Find: Amazon, local & online hardware stores. Ask your local hardware store for a 2-3” PVC pipe and get a length of approximately 1 foot.
Total Cost: Approx. <$10

1 Pair of Dumbbells

Dumbbells are fantastic, versatile, simple pieces of equipment that do not require much space. You can do almost anything with them, movement-wise. Weight is an important factor to consider here. You want dumbbells that are going to offer you flexibility in how they are used for both corrective exercise and dynamic movements. Aim for one set of 10-15lbs at least for foundational movements and swings. IF you are strong enough and enjoy lifting heavier, you can buy multiple pairs for incredibly cost-effective rates. Topping out at 50lbs should be enough for the time being. 
How To Use: Corrective exercise, strengthening, dynamic movements, and far too many to list in one place.
Where To Find: Department stores (e.g. Walmart, Target), sporting goods stores (e.g. Dicks, Big 5, Sports Authority), used resellers (local OfferUp, eBay, govdeals). I highly suggest local resellers or department stores due to potential shipping costs. Find some at this LINK.
Total Cost: Approx. $15-20 per pair

Throwable Medicine Ball(s)

Another highly useful and versatile tool is the medicine ball. Medicine balls are great for dynamic throwing exercises, functionally syncing your whole body together, strength, power, and conditioning. Aim for one 10lb ball that’s durable.
How To Use: Distance throw variations, suplexes, slams, wall slams, loaded carries, and more.
Where To Find: Department stores (e.g. Walmart, Target), online retailers (Amazon, Rogue), used resellers (e.g. eBay, govdeals, local OfferUp). Search for Slam Balls and find some at this LINK.
Total Cost: Approx. $18-25

Resistance Bands

A tool that should be in everyone’s toolkit-the resistance bands. Resistance bands are incredibly versatile and should be an implement in every training regimen. Try getting a set of light, medium, and heavy resistances.
How To Use: Posture cueing, corrective exercise, strength movements, and dynamic movements.
Where To Find: Online retailers (Amazon, Functional Patterns, TB12, Target, Walmart). Used resellers are an option, but pay attention to band wear. Find at this LINK.
Total Cost: $15-40


One of the finest, most versatile, all-levels training tools available-the kettlebell! Kettlebells are great for corrective exercise, taxing circuits, swinging & throwing arc motions, strength movements, and provide a deep level of neuromuscular stimulation due to a bit of their chaotic energy stimulation. Aim for a 10-15lb kettlebell and if you’re strong enough and/or enjoy lifting weights, consider getting a heavier kettlebell(s), topping out at about 50-60lbs for the time being.
How To Use: Swings, throws, metcon circuits, corrective exercise, strength movements, and more-you name it! Check out our Top 5 Beginner Kettlebell Exercises guide- HERE!
Where To Find: Local if possible to avoid shipping costs (e.g. OfferUp, Craigslist, govdeals) as well as in-person or online retailers (Walmart, Amazon, Target). Find some at this LINK.
Total Cost: $25-60

Optional: Pull-Up Bar

If you’re able to perform a chin-up, these bars give you access to several of the best pulling exercises around that help craft a strong, functional, aesthetically-pleasing physique.
How To Use: Chin-Ups, Hang decompressions, Neutral Grip Pull-Ups, etc.
Where To Find: Department stores (e.g. Walmart, Target), online retailers (Amazon), used resellers (e.g. eBay, govdeals, local OfferUp). Find some at this LINK.
Total Cost: Approx. $25-30

Optional: Sandbag

If you’re into strength training and you’re going to be training from home, one of the best pieces of equipment you could pick up is the sandbag. Sandbags provide a more ‘functional’ strongman-style training that’s great for men and women!
How To Use: These babies are so versatile, offering loaded carries, deadlifts, squats, presses, slings, and more on the menu!
Where To Find: Online retailers (Rogue, eBay, Amazon, RDX, The Sandbag Store, etc.) as well as local used resellers (OfferUp, Craigslist, govdeals). Online retailers ship an empty bag you can fill with your own sand from local home improvement stores and outdoor landscape suppliers. Find some at this LINK.
Total Cost: Approx. $40-80

There you have it-a complete DIY guide to building your own, unique home gym that’s perfectly tailored to your needs and to build a balanced, highly functioning, fit body, as well as to relieve stress. Please note that the costs here are listed brand new-that means you can make this happen for an even MORE cost-effective rate! Have fun and be safe!