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Am I in Ketosis? How To Tell You're in Ketosis Without Testing!

Don't have time for the urine strips and the blood tests? Here are some quick ways to tell if you're in Ketosis without testing, and how to deal with some of the symptoms! 
Bad Breath or Metallic Taste in Mouth
If you've noticed that your breath is smelling substantially worse, acidic, or possible fruity, this is a good sign. The famous Keto Breath is a good indicator that your body has transitioned into a Ketogenic state. Many people claim to brush their teeth more often each day to help suppress this smell or using mouthwash more frequently to help with this side-effect. This is not permanent and should pass within two to three weeks after the transition. Along with bad breath, it is common to have a metallic taste in your mouth during the beginning transitions of Ketosis due to your body excreting ketones through urine and your breath. 

Increased Thirst and Dry Mouth
Another common symptom of being in Ketosis is increased thirst or having a dry mouth. This is a natural side effect of transitioning into Ketosis as your body is removing excess water weight. Up your water intake as much as you can and keep your lips hydrated with a good chapstick to reduce these side effects as much as possible. These effects won't last long, but keep in mind that this is a good sign that your body is in Ketosis!

Lack of sleep and restlessness at night is another symptom of transitioning into Ketosis, but take this as a good sign! This will probably only last a couple of weeks and take this as a positive as this shows that your diet changes are working and your body is beginning to adapt to a fat-fueled state. 

Digestive Issues
A common side-effect of transitioning into Ketosis is either constipation or diarrhea. Again, this is another short-term consequence of your body transitioning fuel sources and shouldn't last more than a couple of weeks. Many people report that increasing the intake of low-carb and high fiber vegetables including bell pepper, broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms help with these symptoms. 

Significant Weight-Loss
The Ketogenic diet is well-known for its significant weight-loss. If you are noticing significant weight loss within the first month of starting the Keto-diet, this is a good sign your body has transitioned into Ketosis as your body has removed significant amounts of stored water and carbs from your body. 

Appetite Suppression
It is extremely common to feel a lack of hunger and reduction of appetite when your body transitions into Ketosis. If you are feeling a drastic change in your hunger and eating patterns, this is a good sign that your body has transitioned into a Ketogenic state. This will likely continue long term as a higher-fat diet promotes longer periods of satiation!

Short-Term Fatigue or Decrease in Performance
In the beginning transition of the Keto Diet, the Keto Flu will likely all-consume you as your body transitions from a carb-fueled lifestyle to a fat-fueled one. Although you might be feeling light-headed, extremely tired, craving sugar or have headaches, know that this is a good sign that your body is adapting, and these side effects won't last long. Once you pass these symptoms, likely increased energy and focus will emerge, which is the next good sign listed below. 

Increased Energy and Focus
After the short period of the Keto Flu after transitioning into the Ketogenic diet, a common result of Ketosis is increased energy or focus. This is a result of your brain burning ketones instead of glucose, and this will likely last long-term throughout your Keto-Diet journey!