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The Keto Guide To Dining Out: Vietnamese Food


Dining Out: Vietnamese

Yum. Vietnamese cuisine is a flavourful and exciting choice for a meal out. Vietnamese cuisine uses nearly 70 kinds of herbs in their cooking and many popular dishes rely on the subtle flavors of various combinations to complete a meal. Then there are the sauces! Vietnam is also known for its wide variety of dipping sauces and it boasts more than 30 kinds, from fish sauce, shrimp sauce, and crab sauce to rare sauces like frog sauce. When you choose to eat Vietnamese cuisine, you're always in for an interesting and tasty meal!
But, Vietnam is also famous for its wide range of noodles, from rice noodles (Pho), vermicelli (Bun), and grass noodles (Mien), to thick rice noodles (Hu Tieu) and egg noodles (Mi). With so many amazing noodle dishes to offer, eating Keto can be a real challenge when you've chosen your local Vietnamese restaurant for a meal out. Luckily, we are arming you with our keto restaurant guide to eating out! You will be ready for the unexpected problems that try to throw you off your game! These tips will help you navigate any restaurant menu for keto Vietnamese food. 

Change the Noodles out for Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are a very versatile vegetable that can be used in a multitude of dishes. They have a very light taste and are high in fiber. They also add a creative spin to your usual pho soup. 

Bo Luc Lac is a Yummy Dish that can come on Salad instead of Rice

Bo Luc Lac is chopped beef steak. A great example of the many dishes that can have the rice substituted for a salad. All you need to do is ask! 

Ask for more Meat or Veggies instead of the Rice

Load up on your veggies instead of loading up on the carbs. Vegetables are always great substitutes to fill up your plate and stomach.