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What You Need To Know About Light For Your Health & Fitness To Shine

Artificial Light's Effect on Health and Fitness

All living organisms have an internal clock, built-in and programmed in our evolution, set via morning sunlight exposure and nighttime darkness.

 This biological clock (called a “circadian rhythm”) regulates hormones, metabolism, the sleep/wake cycle, and all cellular growth and repair.

Certain artificial light exposure after sunset tells the brain that the Sun is rising, preventing melatonin manufacture.

This severely compromises sleep and repair quality, accelerating aging and disease pathology over time.

There is something to be done about it. Various forms of protection, including phone settings and anti-blue light glasses, can block all frequencies of light that suppress the melatonin factories in the body's ecosystem. Utilizing quality blue blocker glasses, phone settings, respecting your sleep, and responsible chronobiological management can...

 ● Improve your quality of sleep and repair

● Enable you to fall asleep with a greater ease

● Protect against degenerative disease

● Equip you with more energy, focus, and mental acuity

● Better fertilize your hormone systems

● Protect mitochondrial DNA damage, fight aging and inflammation

● Better enable/heighten systems that affect your physique, fitness, and athletic performance

● Improving mood, overall quality of health, vibrancy, and life

 What is Blue Light? Is It Harmful?

Life is a biophysical phenomenon that captures energy from its environment, then uses it to create structure and carry out functions.

 Life on Earth is constantly sculpted by this energy acting on raw materials in the environment.

Every twenty-four hours on our planet, all life experiences an environment of light and solar energy, of dark and magnetic field energy in a complete cyclic manner.

 Mother Nature has effectively sculpted a twenty-four-hour biorhythmic clock into the first organisms so they could maximize the utilization of solar energy during the day, and regeneration, growth, and restoration at night.

 She structured this cyclic clock to be set each and every day by the Sun’s first presence and absence: sunrise and sunset, dawn and dusk.

She outfitted receptors for the signals of the Sun, and she made them sensitive to blue light frequencies (400-485 nm in the parlance of our times).

 This is how life on Earth-the creations of nature-evolved for 4 billion years, through a multitude of changing environments.

 As the requisite environments helped provide the set and setting for the most complex structures, a new type of life form was birthed. It differed from all others in one key way-in this context-after 4 billion years-life would no longer have to be sculpted to its environment. Life had developed a brilliant capacity for analyzing, computing, and creating. This lead to a marked shift by which life no longer had to change himself to suit the environment-rather by shifting the environment to suit himself. The birth of man.

 This power enabled man to become the first species to attempt to transcend the old paradigm and adapt to every climate on Earth.

Eventually, some within mankind attempted to break free from the Sun's clock to suit profiteering. An onset of living and working on a set schedule throughout the varying seasons was born-The Industrial Revolution.

 For the first time in 4 billion years, life no longer lived in complete sync with nature. Man's biorhythms eventually began to follow suit as a consequence.

 We use artificial light to manipulate Nature's cycle to extend our waking day. Today, the dominating common frequency of artificial light is blue light, which keeps us awake, but is absent other key frequencies of light that the natural wakeful state requires. This includes infrared light (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light. The end result is stealing of energy from ourselves by opting for wakefulness in the present at the cost of future biologic time.

Technology is within us as much as we are within technology. Despite attempts at an exogenous intervention, we are built to be diurnal animals (wakeful in the day, sleepful at night). By design, we're meant to be up while Earth is exposed to solar light and dormant in the absence of light, repairing and regenerating. Artificial blue light's biological theft denotes its strangulation of melatonin-our natural fertilizer for sleep and restoration. Melatonin repairs thousands of tiny bacterial engines across all of our cellular batteries-the mitochondria.

 Mitochondria regulate our sleep quality, physique, metabolism (including fat loss), mood, energy, longevity, hormones, and everything else we do. But there is a catch...Mitochondria require rest and repair to do their job, which-you guessed it-requires sleep-which is controlled by melatonin.

 So when we shroud ourselves with artificial light at night we denote to our internal sensors that it is daytime, which, in turn, dampens melatonin production. Why does this matter? It completely destroys the key process we're attempting to drive and not only weakens our function of the above but promotes the speed of aging & feeds disease pathology.

 We cannot create new realities outside of Nature's paradigm.


Phase 1: Patterns of issues falling asleep, wakeful tiredness in the morning.

Phase 2: Patterns of daytime tiredness and moodiness.

Phase 3: As mitochondrial assault evolves chronically, metabolism implodes and fat loss stalls. Cravings for sugar/carbohydrates and drugs/behaviors strengthen. A perceived and literal stressful state overtakes us. Physical changes manifest, including injury susceptibility, acne, features of aging, and beyond. Blood sugar levels may alter, regardless of dietary intake. Fitness and athletic performance issues can materialize.

Lowered mitochondrial function/cellular energy = we are less alive. Our brains have less light and energy. Neurotransmitter (i.e. dopamine, serotonin, etc.) function declines and we may become depressed/the not-self.

Feed into this long enough and you have

Phase 4, which can mean autoimmune conditions, cancer, and various disease states. A mass of research is being done and is even linking offspring of those in these states to childhood diseases, cancers, autism, and more. Static.

 Dr. Douglas Wallace's work in this area spans decades of proof and is gaining acceptance. All of this provides mankind with a simple understanding unlike ever before:

The most common diseases plaguing mankind are caused by deficits in energy.

These energy deficits are caused by compromised mitochondrial function, which is caused by damaged mitochondrial DNA. Damaged mito DNA (mDNA/mtDNA) has many responsible parties (inputs), including diet, exercise, environmental toxins, and-of course-the use of artificial light to extend daytime, ultimately destroying melatonin levels and cellular restoration.