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Why Silicon Valley LOVES the Keto Diet

5 Reasons to Give the Keto Diet a Try!

The ketogenic diet is most well-known for its weight loss abilities thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Halle Berry. But techies in Silicon Valley use ketosis for much more than that. 

1. Improved Focus

When your body and brain are primarily fueled by glucose, which occurs when carbohydrates make up the majority of your food source, the fuel is used up very quickly, requiring frequent "re-feeds". 
When your body and brain are in a state of ketosis, you are able to tap into your own fat reserves for fuel. You can get into this state through fasting, exogenous ketone usage, or limiting carb consumption. 
Research results show that brain cells function more efficiently when they use ketones for fuel rather than sugar. This leads to better focus, and less brain fog. 
Low-carbohydrate consumption has also been shown to improve memory in older adults with risk of Alzheimer's Disease, as well as those with autism, epilepsy, and Parkinson's disease. This is because ketones can prevent nerve cells from becoming too erratic, which can lead to seizures and behavioral issues.

2. Sustained, All-Day Energy

The afternoon sugar crash.
We've all experienced it and it's ability to end all motivation you had for having a productive day. 
This crash happens after your body burns up its glucose reserves. So you can go ahead and carb up, but you are just continuing the roller-coaster of energy spikes for the day.
Instead, you could be in a state of ketosis, where there is no drop. When your body runs low on ketone bodies, your liver can create more, send them to the brain, and you are good to go! 
Plus, avoiding afternoon caffeine runs will help you sleep better at night, giving you even more energy the next day.

3. Reduced Appetite = More Work Hours Available

Fats are more satiating than carbs. Have you ever had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, only to be hungry an 1 hour later? That's because cereal, a food comprised mostly of carbs, turns to glucose very quickly in the body. Fats don't burn as quickly, meaning no need to immediately "re-fuel". 
With the abundance of extra calories on our bodies in the form of fat reserves, you will notice that your appetite dramatically drops. The body has what it needs to function properly. Most keto-dieters incorporate some form of fasting into their daily lives, either through intermittent fasting, or time-restricted eating. 

4. The Food is Satisfying

The food is great! Sure, it sounds restrictive it you start listing all the man-made, highly processed foods you will be eliminating. But were humans really ever meant to eat those foods anyway? (I'm looking at you Twinkies)
Instead, you will be eating salads with veggies, meat, and delicious, healthy fats.
For example:
Honestly, your not missing out.

5. Weight Management

In Silicon Valley, being first is the #1 priority. You have to be the first in innovation to compete. That means you are working long hours without much of a break to meet deadlines. Inevitably, there is less time to get to the gym.
That is my favorite thing about the keto diet. You don't HAVE to work out to lose weight. (Although we always recommend some form of physical daily activity)

So, how can nutritional ketosis help you? 

More focus in school? Yes
More energy as a mom? 100%
Better sales quota, as you can work more hours without a break? Why not!

How Can I Get Started on the Keto Diet?

Here are some helpful tips if you are new to the keto diet. 
1. Avoid the keto flu with exogenous ketones. They are your best friend. The #1 reason beginners to the keto diet quit is because of the keto flu. When your body is switching from using glucose to fat for fuel, you may experience flu-like symptoms. Exogenous ketones like Real Ketones Lean for Life Prime D+ can put you into a state of ketosis in 60 minutes, completely by-passing all flu symptoms. They are also great for getting back into ketosis if you decide to have a piece of your own birthday cake.
2. Drink your fat to hit your macros. It can be hard to hit your macros when you are first starting out, as you have probably never consumed so much fat before. But the best way to get your fat macros in is to have a fatty drink at least once a day. Check out Real Ketones Weight Loss powder stick packs!
3. Count your macros. You will be surprised how those pesky carbs are able to sneak into your diet. Check out, the Keto Diet Tracker app that is so easy to use. 
4. Fast if you don't feel hungry. Most of us grew up learning you need to eat 6 small meals a day to keep a fast-burning metabolism. But the problem with consistently digesting all day long is your body doesn't have a chance to recover. So if you are not hungry, don't eat. 
Remember this: All the magic happens when you're not eating. 

Good luck on starting this new phase in your life! Real Ketones will be here to help you look and feel better than ever before!