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Your Best Day-For Real Guide

How To Set Up Your Perfect Day  

There are many options and possibilities for you to live your healthiest, fittest, best life and to make that life fit for you. That said, if we only had one perfect, realest day-it would look something like this. 

Morning-The Best Start 

Waking up and getting going can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. There are four simple-but key-pillars of a Real start to your morning. The first is to create mental space, clarity, plus energy for both mind and body-energy that sustains you throughout your day. The second is to hit the switch on fat-burning mode. The third is to set yourself up to be craving-free all day! Lastly, the fourth tenant is to maintain or gain lean body mass (muscle). Thankfully, there is one specific routine anyone can do that checks the box for all four goals... Real Ketones
Skipping breakfast and going straight to the ketones (and coffee) can actually enhance mental fitness. Exogenous ketones are the turbo boost your mornings have been longing for.  There are options to get them, depending on what suits you best; you can choose between Real Ketones Pure BHB w/caffeine or Lean for Life Prime D+. Cap that off with a serving of Keto Essentials-the balanced multivitamin & mineral formulation tailor-made for your keto lifestyle. The result is long-lasting mental and physical energy. They each also flood your system with ketones, ensuring you boost your health, immunity, metabolism, and ditch cravings! 

The Afternoon Advantage 

Being a Real One is about more than just what you put in your body-it’s a state of being.  Throughout the course of an entire day, there are many small Real gems that you can integrate. Little things, like taking a moment to yourself to sit & simply look around, taking a work call in the sun, or hugging someone can release feel-good hormones that make you happier and reduce stress. You can plan bigger picture habits as well, like a quick HIIT workout and afternoon pick-me-ups with D-BHB Weight Loss or Lean for Life Prime D+ that have larger, longer-lasting impacts on your day, your goals, and you! If you’re looking for various action steps you can take, check out our education suite of articles and guides, as well as our Real 30 program

Evening: The Perfect Ending 

The key to capping off a perfect day is a perfect night of high-quality sleep. Quality sleep is interrelated with immune health, fat loss, energy metabolism, hormone levels, stress, disease risk, blood pressure, muscle growth, longevity, and beyond. Try to eliminate stimulants at this time and wind down your evening with some quality sleep hygiene habits. You’re in luck-we’ve got the perfect supplement to your sleep time, Real Ketones D-BHB+ Melatonin Sleep Capsules! Try to include your allotment of carbs for the day fully or mainly with your evening meal-known as carb back-loading-to help prime yourself for sleep. 
There you have it. Our idea of the perfect day-for Real.  


The Real Ketones Team