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Ketones vs. Glucose

Ketones and glucose are two of the body's essential energy sources. While they both play a vital role, there are some differences when discussing ketones vs. glucose.

This article will answer the questions, "What are ketones?" and "What is glucose?" We'll also look at the benefits of each and their production.

What Is Glucose?

Glucose is the sugar your body uses as fuel. It's converted from the carbohydrates you eat. If the body creates too much glucose, it's stored as glycogen in a process called glycogenesis. When your body has enough glycogen, a process called lipogenesis converts the excess glucose into fat.

Some glucose production is necessary for your body to function, but too much glucose causes problems like weight gain and diabetes.

What Are Ketones?

  • Acetoacetate — the first ketone your body produces
  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate— the most abundant ketone body, converted from acetoacetate
  • Acetone — the least abundant ketone body, usually excreted as waste through your breath and urine.

Ketone production begins when your body doesn't have enough glucose to fuel its functions and burns fat stored in your body instead. This is known as a state of nutritional ketosis.

Exogenous ketones are manufactured outside of your body and taken as supplements. They can kickstart your body into ketosis and provide other crucial benefits, like:

  • Better appetite suppression
  • Greater cognitive fitness
  • Improved athletic performance

What Is The Primary Source of Fuel for the Brain?

Given the typical carb-heavy Western diet, glucose is the primary source of fuel for the brain in many people. But it doesn't have to be. Ketones pass easily through the blood-brain barrier and provide a more efficient form of energy for the brain.

What Are the Primary Glucose Benefits?

The main benefit of glucose is its easy accessibility as a fuel source for your body. One study also found a link between increased glucose consumption and improved attention among children.

But glucose's benefits are overshadowed by drawbacks, besides the likelihood of weight gain. Some research has associated glucose consumption with the increased risk of depression and addiction. Glucose is useful for short bursts of energy, but those short bursts typically result in a crash. Ketones, on the other hand, provide a consistent source of energy.

What Are Other Ketone Benefits?

We've already discussed ketone benefits like improved cognitive fitness and athletic performance, but there's also a real advantage to using ketones for energy boosts. In fact, ketones generate 225% more energy than glucose. Our bodies find the energy from ketones easy to burn.

Exogenous ketones are utilized first, making them a great source of energy used as a pre-workout. Endogenous ketones are used second, once exogenous ketones have been depleted. Our bodies tap glycogen stores last, generally for explosive anaerobic movements like weight lifting. Ketones are generally used to power aerobic and endurance activities like distance running and cycling. Mixing both ketones and glucose for cross training workouts like Crossfit gives you the best of both aerobic and anaerobic energy sources, letting you push harder for a longer duration and not lose steam. Our Elevate keto powders are a great performance and recovery product for committed keto dieters that feature our most potent ketone formula paired with C8 MCT, sugar-free electrolytes and vitamins to aid in hydration and recovery.

Research has also shown distinct ketone benefits related to certain medical conditions. Some studies show exogenous ketones may help improve symptoms in people with Alzheimer's. There's also some evidence that ketones can help with traumatic brain injuries.

Our clinical studies indicate that exogenous ketones can:

  • Increase weight loss
  • Reduce BMI
  • Lower stress and anxiety

Trust Your Exogenous Ketone Needs to Real Ketones

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